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Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

You don’t need to be rich to look expensive and polished all the time. All that you need, is a little makeover of your wardrobe, and some creativity. The secret to looking good is learning how to pair up your limited outfits in the best possible manner. Once you master this art, you will always look polished, pretty, put together, and expensive.

However, if you need some guidance, here are a few tips as to how you can look Look Posh and Expensive all the time

Correct your posture

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

How do you feel when you wear an outfit that is expensive and makes you look good? You feel beautiful, confident, and you want to show yourself off. When you feel this way, you stand straight and tall, so that everyone sits up and takes notice of you. You need to feel this way with every outfit that you wear, to make it look expensive and elegant.

Work on your posture. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed but erect, chest forward and chin high. Walk with a confident stride and with your head high and don’t ever slouch. Have a confident, approachable body language at all times. When you feel confident and hold yourself confidently, you will look expensive and elegant without having to wear costly clothes.

Take a shower

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

The first step to looking good is personal hygiene and cleanliness. You cannot expect to look high maintenance if you are sporting a dirty neck all the time. Focus on personal hygiene and staying clean at all times. Take a shower once every day with a mild soap/shower gel and water. Wash your face and neck with a good face wash.

Make sure to use products that are suitable for your skin type. If you have acne prone skin use gel based or herbal products. Similarly, if you have dry skin use products having moisturizing ingredients. After taking a shower, moisturize your skin with a good body lotion to make your skin look fresh and supple. You don’t need to do much, just stay clean and fresh all the time.

Launder and iron your clothes

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

You can never look high maintenance if your clothes are wrinkled and dirty. Even the most expensive clothes look cheap when dirty or creased. On the other hand, even a shirt bought on clearance sale can look expensive if it’s laundered and wrinkle-free. You need to take care of your clothes to make them look good on you.

A laundering tip- do not wash your woolens with the same detergent as your summer clothes. Invest in detergents specially formulated for woolen clothing. Also, make sure to read the tiny labels on clothes that have information about ironing and laundering the material. Follow the instructions carefully. If a label advises you against washing the garment, do not wash it.

Laundering tip 2- wash your whites separately from your brightly colored clothes. Even if you are convinced that the colors won’t wash off your garment, don’t take the risk.

Get a flattering haircut

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

Your hair is one of the most prominent features of your body. If your hair is unkempt, dirty, or unstyled, it can ruin the best of outfits. Expensive people give a lot of attention to what their hair looks like. You don’t need to go all out and change the structure of your hair altogether though. Hair styling can damage your hair, and also cost you a great deal. So just oil it on a regular basis, and wash your hair every 2-3 days with a mild enriching shampoo.

Get a new haircut to give your style an extra oomph. Figure out a hairstyle that flatters your face and looks elegant on you. A good hairstyle can go a long way to alter your entire demeanour and make you look expensive. But just make sure, be subtle, and don’t go overboard.

Keep your makeup subtle

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

Expensive people are never gaudy. They have an understated and subtle style that is elegant without being too flashy or ostentatious. This especially applies to the makeup they wear. Too much makeup can make you come across as cheap or as an attention seeker to people. So put just enough makeup to cover up your flaws and play up your assets. Give preference to subtle, neutral shades over brighter shades of eyeshadow and lipstick. Use the right shade of foundation and face powder for your skin depending on your complexion. Also, use makeup appropriate to the time of the day and the occasion you are using it for.

And if you are too confused about what to do, then just go natural and makeup free. Some moisturizer and a tinted lip balm is a great alternative too.

Have a signature scent

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

Invest in one good perfume that describes you best. No no, perfumes aren’t manufactured based on human personalities. Just find a perfume that appeals the most to you, and stick to it. Every expensive person has a signature scent that becomes synonymous with their personality. It is important for you to smell good at all times, but to go the extra mile, stick to just one fragrance. Wear this particular fragrance at all times and let it become part of your identity. A signature scent makes it easier for people to remember you. And well, expensive people NEVER die in oblivion.

Wear a classic wristwatch

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

Yes, one classic wristwatch. You will never see an expensive person without a wristwatch. Expensive people value their time a lot- this is what has made them who they are today. So invest in one good wristwatch. Again, it doesn’t actually have to be expensive. It just needs to look classy and expensive, no matter what the price. Try going for watches with metal straps and plain dials, as they are timeless. (Did I just make a pun there?)

Colors like silver, black, gold and rose gold are your go-tos as these never go out of fashion. They are also the classiest and most elegant colors out there, so please, please try them out. If you are not fond of metal though, you can always go for other kinds of watches. It should just be classy, elegant, and something you will not be ashamed of wearing 10 years from now.

Invest in some timeless pieces

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

Make sure to have a few wardrobe essentials that will save you at all times. You don’t need to buy a full store out. All you need is to have a few timeless pieces that look good, and which go with everything else in your wardrobe. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses, one good handbag, one good dress and one good pair of shoes. Go for the classics, and trust me, black and white are two colors that will never let you down.

Try to recreate your wardrobe in such a way that most of the clothes can be mix-and-matched according to the occasion. Buy things that never go out of fashion. These clothes will be the pride of your wardrobe, and will always ensure that you look elegant, polished, and expensive.

Basic over Printed

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive
Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

Have you ever seen rich people wear t-shirts with quotes or multicolored print on them? No, because if there’s one (inexplicable) thing about expensive people, that is that they love being basic. All the time. A reason behind this may be that printed clothing isn’t appropriate in all situations. But solid, basic colored clothing is appropriate in all occasions- casual, formal or social.

Basic colored clothing is also easier to mix and match. So all you have to do is discard the prints and go basic. Go for classic colors like black, white, beige and burgundy because these colors are evergreen and will instantly upgrade your entire look. And when in doubt about mix and match- go monochrome. Make everything that you wear the same color- shoes, clothing, accessories, everything. This is another style that many fashion icons are adopting nowadays, so you can’t go wrong with going monochrome.    

Avoid gaudy outfits and accessories

Top 10 Tips on How To Always Look Posh and Expensive

I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of subtlety. The key to standing out and looking expensive is to be subtle and let your demeanor speak for itself. It’s not about the clothes that you wear, but what they tell others about who you are. Expensive people are classy and elegant, and they don’t like to kiss and tell. They know that they are amazing so they don’t need attention-grabbing outfits to have others take notice of them.

When you avoid gaudiness, the focus isn’t on your outfit anymore. It’s on you, and your personality. Let your personality speak for itself, and how you can sport simple clothing and make it look expensive.

I’ll say this again what you wear does not define your status or your personality. Its the way you carry yourself that makes people sit up and take notice. So don’t be conscious of yourself just because you aren’t as rich or good-looking as your peers. Take care of yourself, be the best version of yourself, and be comfortable in your own skin. If you are confident about yourself, and if you feel elegant, everyone else will too. So be proud of yourself, because you literally are the best!

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