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Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!

This festival season you certainly would have planned to wear outfits that rock. You must have decided on the design, colour and the style of the dress. Getting yourself rigged up for the festivities is really important right! But what for those who have not decided on their dress yet. Get on the ramp by choosing the dresses that are major. A weighty decision is on your hands. Here are the lists of the dresses which are popular this festival season. So what you can wear can be decided now itself. Have fun going through this amazing list.

1. The Glam Girl Look

Wear chic contemporary and in vogue looks this season with these looks you can ace up the occasion. Stick to the dresses that have amazing colors but are not too traditional. You can wear a designer Lehenga in the color olive green that is bright yet brilliant. Deck up yourself with significant jewelry that suits the pretty dress you are wearing.

Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!There is a designer Lehenga with a poncho-style cover-up that is simple and elegant. The bottom of the Lehenga is in the colour pink that totally contrasts with the green. This ethnic outfit has its appeal. This Lehenga is a touch of traditional and contemporary.

2. Youthful and Sprightly Look

You can look lively and full of life when you wear floor-length Ghagra cholis that are embellished with bright designs and colours. The smattering of glitter and gorgeous work will make any attire look ravishing. These Ghagra cholis will absolutely brighten the occasion. You can wear gold, orange and blue shades that are active and mind-boggling. You can wear cold shoulder sleeves or go sleeveless for a youthful look that is animated.

Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!

The tones of the dress matter so you got to be careful with the colour. The choli must be flowy and the Ghagra has to be stitched to perfection. Choose a light green Ghagra for a red choli which is a really great combination. When you wear mix and matching dresses the look is incomparable and unique.

3. Choose Smart Bottoms

As this is the festival season you got to be enjoying the occasion by dancing to the beats. So you can relax on the bottoms. Wear the ones that are lightweight and breezy. The Lehenga skirt can be designed but not too heavily.

Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!A weighty affair can restrict you from enjoying yourself. So choose a dress that moves freely. Wear a skirt that is bouncy and a matching Lehenga. You got to be careful with flares that are excessive or palazzos that are long. They can get tangles and make you tumble when you move swiftly. So always go for a relaxed look when you are on the move.

4. A Look Unflustered and Unruffled

Wear a dress that is comfortable yet is stylish. Wear a longish choli with a peplum style top that is a new kind of a design. These Lehenga designs can be really comfortable for people who don’t want to show the waist.

Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!These Lehenga suits are great for parties. They are regal and will give you a dignified look. The Lehenga style is also comfortable and you can look cool and serene in it. When sarees and half sarees are not suitable for you just try this look that is winning.

5. Bring Together Fashion and Style

Blending your outfits can give you the advantage of wearing the same dresses again but with a twist each time. It saves costs. Blending is also fun. You can become style smart when you keep on finding the ways to wear dresses in a different manner. The melding together of attires can make you feel like a fashionista.

Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!How about a crop top Lehenga that is so in style now? Create a set of new ensembles to wear so you can have the feeling of wearing new dresses every day. Look modish and stylish when you attend the festive parties with a rocking outfit. Wear modern style Ghagra with a stylish choli. You can get many compliments when you wear these extravagant dresses for parties. They are unique to look at.

6. Fashion and Fad

Sequined and designer blouses are the best ones to be worn for Lehengas and cholis. Choose one in woven fabrics for a traditional and grand look. You can also go for plain silk and satin blouses with little embroidery and patches of embellishment.

The Lehenga can be ostentatious but you got to choose it with care. Overtly garish dresses can make you look older. A parrot green Lehenga with a golden coloured design can be a huge success.

7. Choose the Right Colour

Pick the shades that are wonderful. The hues that are vibrant and vivacious can be a stunner. You don’t need to go for the conventional colours like the red, oranges and pinks. Choose colours like green, light blue, purple and greys.

Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!They sure do look dull but when you wear them they can transform into a gorgeous colours. They improve when they are worn. They are also different than the others colours so you don’t find many people wearing them so stand out in the crowd by wearing those.

8. Magnificent Metallic and Nifty Neutrals

The metallic shades like copper, silver, gold, bronze and neutral shades like beige, cream and fawn are a good set of combinations too. The gold with beige is a good match and many other colors in this category can be fused to make a perfect colored dress. So add them to your list. They sure do add a glam appeal to the dress.

Traditional Wears that Matter! The Ghagra and The Lehenga!The colours are charming and youthful. A Lehenga or a Ghagra choli in these colours is a piece of art. Add silver touches to a classic red Lehenga. Add a shine here and add a shine there to spruce up the look. The metallic accents can be added to all types of traditional dresses especially designer Lehengas and Ghagra Cholis.

These are the types of designer Lehengas and Ghagra cholis you can wear this festive season. Enjoy the opulence and lavishness of your outfits.

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