Career in Fashion Industry


Fashion Industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries. It offers a lot of flamboyant but profitable career options. If you are having a keen interest in fashion industry and you are creative enough to make new innovations and experiments in the field of fashion, then career in the fashion industry is the best option for you.

Career in fashion industry is an extremely popular and lucrative option these days. That’s why, courses related to fashion industry are very high-in-demand. People often believe that modeling is the sole career option available in fashion industry. But this notion is entirely wrong.

In reality, the fashion industry offers a wide range of different career options. For instance, fashion designing, modeling, fashion blogging, make-up artistry, hair styling, fashion magazine editing etc. are some of the career options available in fashion industry. In this article, I will discuss about top three most famous and highly demanded career options related to the fashion industry.

Top career options in Fashion Industry

Fashion Designing

Career in Fashion Industry

Fashion Designing is an extremely popular and competitive career option these days. It is a perfect and best career option for those who love to sketch, design and create new things. Often people believe that the job of a fashion designer is just all about sketching dresses and other related stuff. But the job of a fashion designer involves much more than sketching.

Apart from sketching, the job of a fashion designer includes doing full fledged research on worldwide fashion and trends and monitoring the changes. The job of a fashion designer involves understanding the demands of clients and then designing and drawing sketches accordingly. After sketching, a designer’s job includes getting the design formed in physical form. If a fashion designer is working on a high level, then his/her job also includes the arrangement of fashion shows as well as the overall styling of models.


Career in Fashion Industry

Modeling is the most common career option which comes to our mind when we hear the name of fashion industry. Modeling is a very well-known career option associated with the fashion industry. It is considered to be the most glamorous and a highly alluring and lucrative career option.

With the rapid growth and development of the fashion industry, the demand of models has increased to a great extent. Models are required everywhere including brand endorsements, fashion shows, TV ads, and so on. The essential requirements in becoming a model are that the person must have an attractive personality, and high level of confidence along with flawless physical features.

Make-Up Artistry


Making a career in make-up artistry is a new yet easy way of coming in limelight in the fashion industry. As its name suggests, make-up artistry is all about applying make-up. It might sound a very easy job. But make-up artistry is a full-fledged art which requires specific specialization in make-up.

Make-up artistry also includes hair styling and overall styling of the body. At some levels, hair styling is considered as a separate career option in fashion industry. It involves the styling of hair as well as head massage, oiling, hair coloring, smoothening, and so on. On a broad level, hair styling also comes under make-up artistry.

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