10 Tips to Add Spark to a Lockdown Wedding

Were you anticipating eating all those delectable snacks and wearing designer dresses at a wedding until the lockdown occurred? But what if I tell you that there are ways you can spark a lockdown wedding? Indeed! By following the...

10 Rights That Women Should Know In India

Women are the precious solitaire in our society.  Safeguarding women is the responsibility as well as the key priority of every nation and India is also not far behind. The government has passed various laws made for the protection...

Why Is It So Hard To Trust?

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” ~ George MacDonald Trust is an important element in the working of not only businesses and markets but the entire world. From electronic payments to giving loans - everything relies...

The Portrayal of Mandodari in Manini J. Anandani’s Mandodari| Based upon Sanghadasa’s Jaina Version of Ramayana

Mandodari is one of the lesser-known characters in the Ramayana. In many versions of Ramayana, her character is portrayed as a quite insignificant one. But here, I'm going to talk about the character of Mandodari in the context of...

Scribbles And Rhymes With Khyati Arora – A Buddymantra Special [Part 2]

This is Part Two of Scribbles and Rhymes With Khyati Arora. If you haven't read Part One yet, I would suggest you do so immediately!

A Full Body Massage – You Need One Now And Here’s Why!

Life is one giant stressor. And if there is one thing that we can do to, it's get a good full body massage. Here's why you need a massage.

What is a hypothesis?

It’s a provisional explanation of the research problem or can also be said as a possible outcome of a research. Now, this possibility is found by the assumption made on the basis of various proof or evidence. A hypothesis is...

Best Action Games To Play After The All India Pubg Ban!

Pubg was the most viral video game Tencent had to offer. However with its ban in India, people seem to be looking for others. Here are some.

15 meaningful short films that you can binge on YouTube right now!

Have you ever watched a short film? The feeling is amazing plus different than what you get after watching a long movie that too in breaks! We all have some portion of the love reserved for simple movies that have...

Infosys – Making The Perfect Off-Campus Placement Application.

With the pandemic putting a wrench in all plans, we suppose you don't know which company to apply to. Here are tips to apply at Infosys.

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