Demat is the short for dematerialisation, which means converting the physical share certificates into an electronic form. A demat account facilitates holding shares and securities in an electronic format, making it much more convenient for the traders. It is mandatory to have a demat account if you wish to trade in the stock market. You can open a demat account with zero balance. It is a much better way of trading owing to multiple factors, such as:

  • Lower risks
  • No paperwork
  • Less expensive
  • More convenience
  • Instant transactions, etc.


You can open a demat account by approaching a Depository Participant (DP). Even though the actual shares are held in the custody of SEBI registered depository like Central Depository Services [India] Ltd. (CDSL), or National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL), the depository participants work as a bridge between you and the depositories. The depository participant could be a bank, financial institution, or broking firms like Angel Broking.

Following this, you will need to fill up an account opening form and submit it along with a few documents, which include-

  • Identity proof
  • Residential proof
  • PAN card
  • Passport size photographs.

The next step involves an in- person verification by the selected DP. You can either visit the nearest branch of your DP or ask that an agent come to your given address to carry out the verification.

In the last step, the DP will provide you with the Beneficiary ID, which is your Demat account number. This is also known as the Beneficial Owner Identification Number (BO ID). All your purchases and investments regarding shares will be credited to this account. If you sell a security, this account will be debited.


  1. Easy share transfers

Transferring shares and other security holdings is extremely convenient with Angel broking demat account through Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) for purchase transactions and Receipt Instruction Slip (RIS) for sale of shares.

  1. Corporate Benefits and actions

Angel Broking demat account holders have ready automatic access to additional benefits that the companies offer to their investors like dividends, refunds or interests.

  1. Freezing Demat Account

Angel Broking Demat Account holders can freeze their accounts for a certain period, if required. This is very useful as it prevents unexpected credits or debit into the account.

  1. Multiple accessing option

Angel Broking Demat account lets you access these through various electronic gadgets like laptops, phones and tablets. There is also an Angel Broking app which provides all the services on go and also provides all the latest news and updates.


Having an Angel Broking Demat account gives you some additional benefits. Angel Broking boasts of a new investment engine called ‘ARQ’ which helps in efficient portfolio building based your unique and personal needs.

ARQ score indicates the credibility and trustworthiness of a stock. It reduces the effort you would otherwise need to put in researching about the company. ARQ score makes your stock selection faster, simpler and much more accurate.

By using artificial intelligence, ARQ offers investment recommendations that are suitable to your profile. It create investment recommendations based on machine learning and by using cutting-edge cognitive technology and deep industry insights. It provides investment advice customised to each client based on their investment experience, priorities, and risk appetite. This helps you maximise your profit to the greatest possible extent.

Not only this, Angel Broking also lets you stay up- to- date with all the news related to the stock market by providing constant updates. This way, you can always make an informed decision.

Angel Broking Demat Account also provides you with easy financing solutions where you can get a loan against the securities present in your Demat account.

Angel Broking can truly be the one stop solution for all your trading worries. It will help you enjoy a stress-free trading experience right from the comfort of your home and help you with any difficulties that you might face along the way.

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