7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography


Photography evolves in terms of quality, brands, backdrops, etc. from time to time. On the other hand, it is a location of the photography that reveals the theme of the photoshoot. As an amateur photographer cannot be able to afford a photo studio or location for photography, Backdrops were invented to resolve this issue. Instantly Backdrops emerged to trend with both amateur and professional photographers.

Photoshoot Backdrops now play a major role in photography and also no party or any occasion is complete without an ultra-chic backdrop for a photoshoot. DIY backdrops are a treasure to the amateur photographers and even for professional use as the ideas vary from ground reality stuffs to simplest things of all that is part of our both daily routine or daily essential. With enormous skeptical DIY backdrop ideas, here is few curated list of aesthetic and artistic DIY backdrops for any occasion.

Wood Backdrop 
7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

DIY with wood backdrops reflects surreal, enigmatic, and baroque effect in photos. With a plain wood floor, wood fence as a background can work in contrast color to the model/object in a photograph. Wood backdrop being the famous theme to enlighten photography, the more the wood backdrop is dirty the more the photo gives vintage theme in the photoshoot. Instantly finding an old wooden door or plain background serves as a wonderful spotlight for a hippie, rugged, rebellious model during a photoshoot. Henceforth, we don’t have to travel long ways looking for a deserted area to give vintage effect when the wood background and any properties in accordance with wood totally give us the abstract photograph that one longed for.

Plain White & Black Backdrop

7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

Simple white denotes elegant in a photography. Similarly, for many product photoshoot and graphics designed photoshoot whiteboard involves a significant role in pixelating clear cut pictures. A white background is something that we fail to notice among the decorated backdrops but only a white backdrop highlights the model/object from a plain background. Likewise, Blackout backdrop is the most famous and popular among professional and amateur photographers during the photoshoot. Clean white and black backdrop can be done DIY designs according to board or cloth. This technique could add some lively effects if required by doing colorful, trendy designs in the corners of a border of the backdrop in accordance with the fitting size of a frame in the camera.

Gel Backdrop
7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

The ever-loving retro backdrop is now used for multiple concepts during a photoshoot. Placing light stands that are lined up with 3 speedlights next to each other at different heights pointing directly to the subject or an angle creates an astonishing backdrop for the photoshoot. As aesthetically pleasing, these speedlights work as a colorful shadow in the backdrop directly to the object and overlaps where we want to experiment with. This technique is increasingly popular among the recent generation and had provoked the combination of lights into a photography to a brand new level. Professional photographers make great use of gel backdrop in a different formation to click aesthetic pictures.

Bokeh Backdrop
7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

Set the lights on the entire wall that may include colorful lights, customized paper strings shaped like heart strings, floral strings, etc. or any form of bright crafted decors in the backdrop. In order with Bokeh effect, the subject of the photography strikes in portrait mode by focusing on a single angle of the model/object. In this portrait mode, Bokeh effect appears as the backdrop in a blurry way that is set with lights or any customized decors in the photoshoot. The exclusive best thing about a Bokeh effect is as though the backdrop stimulates blurry background for a subject, it still did expose the shape of color (heart, circle, star, etc) in what it is cut-out or bought into.

Curtain Backdrop

7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

Owing to one of the royal look created with curtain backdrop, it is familiar in an award function photoshoot or for any royal occasion photoshoot. As though Curtain backdrop is very simple to use as a backdrop, the enormous energy and royal vibe created along with curtain backdrop are enriched with the rich legacy. This indigenous role of a curtain backdrop is easy as it doesn’t look like one though. Any plain, grey, velvet curtain with the maximum amount of folds will give the look as we expect.  Placing the light to one side as the shadow from the subject gently appears in the curtain would create exceptional looks in the photoshoot. Also, placing lights inside the curtain would look dreamy for the photoshoot. Curtain backdrops stand out among other backdrops for its awe-inspiring photography as a result.

Wall Backdrop

It is such a comfortable backdrop for any photographer as it does not involve much time to set up a backdrop. Wall backdrop is something that we see and reside daily, we don’t need to put many efforts for a wall backdrop since the wall itself stands with a plain background. We may paint the color we want in accordance to dim or brighten the subject. Though the wall backdrop could be any part of our surrounding, be it a garage, room walls, etc. it still did create a splendid photography for the photographers. An incomplete cemented wall, half painted wall, or any form could still be put to use for the photography as the photoshoot needs only a texture for the backdrop to highlight the subject.

Crafted Backdrop
7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

Paper DIY backdrops holds boundless brilliant ideas such as a wall of pinwheels, color tissue papers crushed in order to create ombre effect, pixelated paper effect, cut out the shapes of a popular pattern to give bright photos, Paper Rings, Paper strings cut in customized shapes like a Vellum Garland, create tulips and paper flower with butcher papers, floating stars, fringe effect with color papers, align book pages in an order to show up artistic theme of a reader’s wonderland, easy streamers effect with long color papers for a striped backdrop, geometric shapes, white cupcake liners for any bridal occasion, Dyed coffee filters hooked together like a posture, Yarn balls, Giant flowers with paper mache and chicken wire, dots string with waxed paper, clouds &rainbows with color or glitter paper, and Minimalist bows with pastel color papers, etc.

Craft Backdrops adapts mostly with a dramatic party, wedding set-up, College farewell & convocation. Such places require happening atmospheric effect that can be fulfilled with Craft DIY backdrops and photoshoot also receives candid photography by the bright and expressive backdrops.


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