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Miley Cyrus Flowers: The New Heartbeat of GenZs

Miley Cyrus, an iconic pop star, everyone’s childhood and a bold spirit. All of you must know Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana. From getting the best of both worlds to shaping our childhood, she has become a prominent marker of our lives. But her life hadn’t been easy. From being an actress at a very young age, she has gone through many hardships. But now, as she once again takes control of her life, she blooms like a flower.

Let us trace the trajectory of Miley Cyrus’ life after and around her pop hit “Flowers”. The impact the song made is unmatchable, as you read ahead, you shall find that out. Let the flower shower begin!

Miley Cyrus: A True Popstar

Labeled as a “teen idol” after the success of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus had a great future ahead of herself. The music she released under the name Hannah Montana gained a great deal of popularity as it resonated with the youth of the 2000s, selling over three million copies worldwide. But that was not all, Miley Cyrus herself has an impressive discography that began its journey with “Party in the USA”, her biggest pop hit. After this song had topped the charts, the pop star’s career flourished. She is a true pop star in the sense that she has changed concepts, and genres and despite all of these, she has kept her fans captivated.

Presenting herself as a bold figure, she is a woman of impressive musical talent ranging from her amazing singing voice to her incredible vocal range which had earned her a position as a coach on “The Voice” to train many young singers just as talented. From

Hannah Montana to Endless Summer Vacation, Cyrus has time and again displayed her skills and she promises to continue to do so. And you, as the audience should keep in mind that a person as Miley Cyrus will never go out of style.

“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

On the initial stages, the song started out as one sung for a lost love, a sense of longing attached to it. The lyrics of the song went as: “I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, but I can’t love me better than you can”. As you can clearly see, the song was completely different from what she actually released. The true message behind the song cannot be uncovered completely, only what the popstar had admitted. She admitted to having the original idea as something sad with a 1950s vibe but then changed her mind.

Many choose to believe that the song is about Miley Cyrus husband (ex-husband), Liam Hemsworth which can be one reason why she chose to change the narrative of the songs from one that was sad to one about loving herself better than anyone. The claim about Hemsworth can also be supported by the fact that the song was released on his birthday. That may or may not be a mere coincidence but the speculations still remain. It can be said that she chose to win instead of wallowing about something that has already happened.

Miley Cyrus is the type of person to stand up for herself no matter the situation, so it should not come off as a surprise that she chose to release “Flowers” in the manner she did. On analysis, the song has a trajectory that traces the couple’s relationship in a subtle manner. Cyrus is not putting on record and she is not revealing anything true or untrue but the room for speculation always remains. But there is no evidence that the song is explicitly about Hemsworth and the popstar or her family have made sure not to fuel any rumors.

Lyrical Analysis of Miley Cyrus Flowers

Amongst the first few lines of the song, there is one particular line: “Built a home and watched it burn”. Many connect this line to the couple’s house in Malibu that burned down; tragic story. This particular incident had a major impact on Cyrus, especially her voice. Pre and post-trauma, Cyrus’ voice had been heavily influenced.

Woman listening to Miley Cyrus Flowers song
Woman listening to Miley Cyrus Flowers song and wearing Miley Cyrus nude lipstick

The lyrics of the song “Flowers” seem to hint at the popstar’s relationship with her ex-husband but only in the first verse. She starts by saying that Miley Cyrus husband and her relationship has been good but things don’t always go as planned. This can be connected to their on-and-off relationship that had gone on for almost 10 years before they got married in 2018 following their divorce in 2020. Up until that point, they had been good but after that everything started going downhill, just like the lyrics state: “We were good, we were gold; kinda dreams that can’t be sold; we were good ‘til we weren’t.”

Transition to the second verse where she suggests having moved on, she can love herself better. But she is not blaming the other people, she forgives them. This indicates that there was no bad blood between the couple after parting ways. Then she hints on trying to repair their relationship, that she does not want to leave but then she remembers that she can, indeed buy herself flowers. This can be seen as a sort of development.

Initially, she had been longing for a relationship that had no future but then she came to realise that there would be no point in continuing on a path that wouldn’t lead anywhere. She came back to self-actualization, a sort of epiphany that is quite evident in the lyrics of “Flowers.”

Violin, rose and music books
Violin, rose and music books

Apart from this, the song is largely about her journey to self-discovery after a serious relationship and how she navigated her way through the situation and found self-love again. The song is an inspiration for all individuals out there. You can find self-love through this song, get over a sad break-up or just vibe. After a while, the song becomes a lot more than just lyrics and music. It is someone’s jam, someone’s comfort, someone’s epiphany. Holding many meanings and perspectives, the song created a major pleasant impact on the people, including you.

Rutva Chaudhari
Rutva Chaudhari
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