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5 Interesting Devices That You Can Buy Online.

1) Alexa: Voice Assistant

Alexa is one of the voice assistance robots which is a hit in the market. It is developed by Amazon.  The concept is you can ask the device to play songs or ask questions that you would otherwise search on the internet or a book. Alexa can set reminders to do tasks, set alarms, make calls, provide information on weather, traffic, sports and any real-time information such as news. Apart from playing music on being asked Alexa also plays podcasts, audiobooks. It can also be synced with devices like lights, switches, plugs, and electronic gadgets like television, tabs, speakers etc.

It can speak and understand 4 languages English, French, Japanese, German.

Alexa has 4 products currently available in India

Image result for echo plus 1st gen indiaAmazon Echo – Voice control music, make calls, get news, weather and more. Echo Plus (1 st gen ), Echo Dot (2nd Gen), Echo Spot – Stylist echo with screen

The current release includes the operation of the microwave with help of Alexa which sounds promising and interesting.

Google Home produced by Google is also at par with Alexa.


2 ) Miko: Kids Companion Robot

3 IIT Bombay alumnus Sneh Vaswani, Prashant Iyengar, Chaitanya Raikar founded the company emotix and developed Miko. This robot interacts with kids, engages and educates them at the same time. This is done by inbuilt apps such as “Aap Banenge Crorepati”, “Miko Story Time”, ” Miko Code Master ” to name a few.

3) SmartWatch


Wearing a watch brings out confidence in one. A wristwatch is still the first option for many some prefer digital watch but now is the era of the smartwatch. Yes, all three do the work of telling time but smartwatch does it better. It tracks your steps, your activities, plays music and in some even monitors sleep. Gps system, making calls, sending and reading messages, storing music and photos are added features in these watches.

It is available in all price ranges. Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Samsung, Diesel are few companies which are in the top of smartwatch producing business.

4)Syska Led Smart Lights

So you still keep forgetting turning off lights after you exit a room then Syska Led smart lights are a great solution to this problem. You can operate them where ever you may be with your mobile phone or laptop connected to the internet. It can be syced with Alexa and can be operated by voice too. Another beautiful feature of these lights is that its color can be changed. Even the normal Led light bulbs are more preferable than fluorescent ones as they last 25 years more.

5) Cell phone camera lens

Image result for cellphone camera lens

If you want to replace your broken lens of the camera or want to improve the current one these lenses are commendable.



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