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10 Must Watch Shows Of Netflix

Netflix was started in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in America. Initially, they provided DVD’s to buy or rent for the customers. In 2007 they started their website which expanded internationally over 190 countries. The contents of the websites is viewed with help of online subscription starting from a month to a year. The content includes a wide range of movies, television shows, reality shows, documentaries, talk shows and stand up comedy specials. From 2012 they started producing their own shows which were included in the website. The shows have been accepted and appreciated by the audience. Netflix has its own app which can be downloaded by all operating systems. This makes content viewing 24/7 anywhere any time with help of a viewing device which can be a computer, tab or mobiles and internet. The T. V shows are usually in the format of seasons which contains 10 episodes. All the episodes are released at the same time while each season is released in a gap of a year or as they are made.

Here are 10 shows produced by Netflix which are worth a watch

1) House Of Cards:

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The show stars Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, his wife is a political thriller. Frank Underwood aids the President of America for his election on the promise of being assigned as Secretary as State. When his promise is not fulfilled he sets on revenge becoming president himself. The plot is thick and the actors make the show better. Frank Underwood as anti-hero speaking to you in the narration gives the required chills. It has 5 seasons to view each consisting of 13 episodes. Each episode is over a time span of 43 to 59 minutes. The 6th will be released on 2nd November 2018.

2) Narcos:

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It is a crime drama series narrating the rise of drug lords in Spain in the late 1970’s, its effect on the people and the police chase to catch them. The first two seasons narrates the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and the third has the story of cartel overtaking his empire. All seasons have 10 episodes each of 43 to 60 minutes. The 4th season is set to be released as Narcos: Mexico.

3) Stranger Things :

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The show is set in 1983. 12 years old Joyce Byers living in Indiana enters the parallel universe while his friends meet eleven a young girl with supernatural powers. Joyce is able to contact his mother with help of lights while people in the life of Joyce try to bring him back. It has 2 seasons with 8 and 9 episodes respectively. The time span of each episode is up to 62 minutes. The third season is set to release in mid of 2019.

4) Jessica Jones :

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Jessica Jones is a Marvel Super Hero with extraordinary strength. She has a detective agency named Alias Investigations. She drinks and can be a jerk but is an excellent investigator. Luke Cage who has his own Netflix original show appears in this show. It has 2 seasons, 26 episodes with the running time of 55 minutes. It has been renewed for the third season.

If the show is engaging to you then Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage are shown which you will definitely appreciate. The Defenders is a crossover miniseries starring all of them.

If you are all about watching women-centric shows then The Crown, Glow, Orange is The New Black is worth the watch.

5) Sense8 :

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8 strangers around the world are connected with each other. They can see each other’s world, feel each other’s emotions and can act in each other’s places. The pictography is beautiful and the cast is diverse. It has 2 seasons with 24 episodes each of 40 minutes. The last episode is for 2 hours to give the audience a justifiable ending.

6) Master of None:

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Aziz Ansari plays Dev living in New York as an actor and his various experiences. The show is good because of its narration and the subtleness. It has 2 seasons, 20 episodes, each episode varying from 21 to 57 minutes.

7) Atypical:

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Sam has autism and this has affected his family consisting of a mother, father, and sister. The story narrates Sam’s journey to find love in a jovial way and how his family tries to help and adjust in his growth. It has 2 seasons and 18 episodes each of 26 to 38 minutes.

8) Ghoul:

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It is a horror miniseries with Radhika Apte playing as Nida Rahim, an interrogator in military detention.

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If you want to watch more from India then Sacred Games and Lush stories would be a good choice. It has 3 episodes.

9) Queer Eye:

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It is a Netflix original reality show consisting of 5 gay guys giving a makeover to one person in each episode. The makeover includes a change in clothes, looks, house, diet, and attitude.  It is an emotional journey for the person getting the makeover the one giving it and the viewer.

Nailed It is another reality show which is worth a watch. In this 3 contestants have a bake-off and the one making the best wins but the twist is the bakers have no experience at all and the end products are always hilarious. The host and the anchor make it fun shows overall.

10) Wild Wild Country: 

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This Netflix documentary-series is about Indian Guru Osho. It has 6 episodes each of one hour.

If stand-up comedy is your thing then you might enjoy Nanette by Hannah Gadsby and our own Indian comic Aditti Mittal’s Things they wouldn’t Let Me Say.


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