We have all heard the song “It’s not about the money, money..”, but does the real world really work on this principle? Money eventually leads to eccentricity where people end up buying things for a fortune. Want to see some of the world’s expensive items? Read on!

Sleeping is your favourite pastime? Does your bed call you every time you sit to do something? Well, how about sleeping on the world’s most expensive bed? The magnetic floating bed hovers 40cm above ground and is a excellent application of technology. It can hold upto 900kg. Classy?


  • Dead Shark ($ 12 million):

So much for a dreaded sea creature? Well, to art lovers, it is a marvelous piece of aesthetic pleasure. Known as “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”, this artwork by Damien Hirst is a giant shark dipped in a solution of formaldehyde.


  • Harry Winston Ruby slippers: ($ 3 million)

They say, shoes are a girl’s utmost desire, but just imagine 3 million dollar shoes adorning your feet! Inspired by ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, this expensive footwear had real rubies, 1,350 carats of it from 4,600 pieces! The shoes had additional diamonds to add to the look. It took two whole months to finish making them. Think about it, would you be able to walk with these beauties?


  • iPhone 4S Elite Gold: ($9.4 Million)

iPhones have always been head turners. In a world full of technology, a hand with an iPhone invites a lot of attention and glares. Even in the family of iPhones, this Mister is the King. Considered as the world’s most expensive phone, this is decorated with 500 individual diamonds, totaling over 100 carats. The back plate is 24 carat gold and the Apple logo is made of 24-carat gold and 53 diamonds. The home navigation button yields a single very rare and flawless natural pink diamond.  The diamond is said to be between 7.4-8.6 carats. Love getting calls? Try buying this!

  • Lamborghini Veneno: ($4.5 Million)

In a planet of astonishing cars, Lamborghini Veneno stands out like no one else. Designed to celebrate Lamborgini’s 50 year anniversary, this amazing vehicle was made to deliver 750 horsepower output, allowing brave-hearts to cover from 0 to 60 within 2.8 seconds. This edition is one of the most exotic ones, with only 4 cars manufactured in the world at present. Real life ‘Fast and Furious’ eh?

  • Feather of a Huia bird : ( $10,000)

This is the most valuable feather in the world which had once belonged to a Huia bird, which is now extinct. The bird’s plumage was traditionally used in the Madori tribes, mainly as a headdress of their chiefs. At an auction the highest bid was of 10,000 dollars! Now that’s some craziness for a piece of feather!

  • Crystal Piano : (3.2 million)

Music has always been gold to the ears. The crystal piano is a one-of-a-kind musical instrument, showing a combination of craftsmanship and legacy. Once played during the Beijing Olympic games, this piano was purchased at an auction for a net worth of 3.22 million! Did it sound sweet to the ears?

  • Chopard 201 Carat Watch: ($25 million)

Diamonds are forever! And what if they are incorporated to make a watch? This Chopard watch features a beautiful array of coloured rare and expensive diamonds which makes it all the more appealing. The centre has a glistening white and yellow gold hardware and an internal flawless heart-shaped pink diamond that weighs 15.37 carats, a 12.79-carat heart-shaped blue diamond, and a perfect heart-shaped D-color diamond weighing 11.36 carats. Each of them are set in the form of a bracelet that also contains clusters of additional D-diamonds! Can these stones make time freeze?


  • Antilia: ($ 1 billion)

And when it comes to Indians, they prefer making it big! This earthquake resistant huge building, owned by the business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani stands with its head high in South Mumbai. Named after the mythic island ‘Antilia’, this building is considered as the world’s most expensive residential property. It is clearly visible in the Mumbai skyline. The 600-roomed mammoth requires a lot of workers to be looked after!

  • Diamond massage: ($100,000)

Cars, phones, beds, houses and shoes can give you happiness, but the ultimate pleasure? Comes from massage itself! The diamond massage is one of the most expensive massages. This uses real loose diamonds, which tend to use energy to provide an out-of- the-world soothing feeling. A total of 1.5 carat diamonds are utilized to create the most luxurious massage the world has seen. If you can afford, this shimmering relaxation can be the ultimate heaven!

So guys, which one is your ultimate goal?

Priyanka Priyadarshinee
Priyanka Priyadarshinee
Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Test Automation, API Testing ,Manual testing JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React JS, Microsoft Word, Communication and SolidWorks,. Strong engineering professional graduated from Institute of Technical Education and Research.


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