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Paranormal things and extraterrestrial life

The term “paranormal” has existed in the English Language since at least 1920. The word consists of two parts: para and normal. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is ‘normal’ and anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to that is ‘para’.

The following is some information on five basic categories and some information pertaining to each that can be considered “subcategories”.

Not all hauntings can be easily categorized and we must be careful not to jump to conclusions in any case. In some cases, what appears to be the work of a human agent may actually be that of the spirits, and vice versa. There is also a multitude of exterior factors that do affect the circumstances that be. Solar flares, the earth’s magnetic fields, storms, etc. all a play an important role when trying to discern the cause of and effect of paranormal or ghostly occurrences.

Intelligent haunting

The key factor in an intelligent haunting is that the ghost can interact with you (communication—it responds and notices human beings). If the ghost does not notice you or other human beings, and cannot interact or communicate with you, it’s not an intelligent haunting.

Residual Haunting

This type of phenomena is much more common than people think and I would even go as far as to say that it is the most common type of reported phenomena around. We have to remember not to confuse this type of phenomena with an”Intelligent” haunting because, while it is fascinating and unexplained, it may not be specifically related to ghosts.

Paranormal subjects

Paranormal events are phenomena described in popular culture, folklore, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanations.

A paranormal phenomenon is different from hypothetical concepts such as dark matter and dark energy. Unlike paranormal phenomena, these hypothetical concepts are based on emperical observations and experimental data gained through the scientific method.

Paranormal research

Approaching the paranormal from a research perspective is often difficult because of the lack of acceptable physical evidence from most of the purported phenomena. By definition, the paranormal does not conform to conventional expectations of nature. Therefore, a phenomenon cannot be confirmed as paranormal using the scientific method because, if it could be, it would no longer fit the definition.

Fundamental sequences

Actually, there is nothing like the ghost type things but actually there is a psychological facts. when we believe in something,we act like just that it happens and we want it to be happen. so in fact the normal things conclude the things that we belief in an automatic repository factor.

There are basically three things you need to know about the paranormal.

1. Paranormal Activity IS REAL – People who don’t believe in the paranormal or dismiss it as superstition are usually people who have never experienced it. But try and tell that to those who HAVE! Try and tell someone who wakes up in the morning with marks and bruises in their body from something that happened to them during the night! Go tell someone that sees objects move by themselves in the house or hears someone call their name loud and clear when no one is there! It doesn’t matter if someone says it’s not real – for those to whom it happens, paranormal experiences are VERY REAL.

2. Paranormal Activity IS DEMONIC – In other words, it’s not the spirit of your dead grandmother or some lost soul who’s coming back to haunt you or is trying to communicate with you. Demons are a spiritual force that can affect people in the physical world and one of the ways they do that is through paranormal activity. Most of the stuff you saw in the movie – except for the Hollywood special effects – are things that demons can do to people in real life. In my work I have dealt with countless cases of people who are attacked during their sleep, who sense a real, negative presence around them, who hear voices, and whose lives were ruined by demonic attacks. And I’m talking about perfectly normal people, who had jobs, families, an education, and yet all they knew was useless against those attacks. It’s very important you know that demonic forces are what is actually behind the paranormal.

3. There’s Only ONE WAY of Stopping Paranormal Activity – There’s a lot of non-sense around when it comes to driving out demons. You hear about exorcisms, demonologists, Ouija boards, calling in a priest who needs to get authorization from the Vatican to carry out an exorcism and things like that – none of which can effectively deal with the paranormal. The ONLY WAY I know to deal with demonic attacks effectively is found in the book of Mark 16.17, where Jesus said: “In my Name they will cast out demons.” (And while you’re at it, take a look also in Luke 19.10.) In other words, in the spiritual realm, there’s only ONE NAME that demons respect.

If you have been experiencing the paranormal; if you feel you’re under some demonic attack of any kind, the best thing you can do is find someone who truly KNOWS the Lord Jesus, who is committed to Him – not a religious person or just anyone waving the Bible at you – someone who really has a relationship with God, who is not afraid of demons and therefore in HIS NAME has authority over them. A true Christian will not have any trouble helping you and showing how to stop these attacks permanently.


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