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Top 17 Most Dangerous Tribes in the World

Earth is a great place to live. Though humans are moving ahead with the advance in technology, there are a few people who are stuck in forests. Forest tribes still exist all over the world. These people are not aware of the modern world. Still, they are far away from the basic needs that we get today. They don’t have proper food to eat, they depend on fruits and animal meat, they don’t have electricity, and still depend on sunlight and fire at night. They don’t have clothes and prefer to wrap themselves up with leaves. Though few nature lovers try to educate them and want to bring them to the present there are few tribes who do not want to interact with modern people. The modern world is now reaching the moon and Mars. The introduction of science and technology pick human civilization to its highest peak. But still, there are plenty of people who live on what we may think of as the outskirts of society. Some of them are still not aware of civilization. Some of them even think we threaten their way of life and that they just want to be left alone. Here in this article, we will get to know about the 17 most dangerous tribes in the world. Let’s have a look at some Most Dangerous Tribes in the World


Have you ever heard of cannibals? They are people who eat human meat. There are still people living in parts of the Caribbean islands who practice cannibalism. As this tribe habituated to do cannibalism, these are referred to as Caribs. These are the first group of people in the world to practice cannibalism. Later, it spread to other parts of the world and is known as one of the most Dangerous Tribes in the World


Caribs are the name given by Columbus. Caniba is the other word for Kariba which means “who eat People .


The Aztecs are the most brutal tribe ever known to history. These tribes were present in the American continent even before Columbus discovered it. These tribes practice human sacrifice. They cut the victim’s heart whilst in a state of life and then cook the body for meat. They do this on every full moon and no moon day and believe that this will please the sun and moon, whom they believe as gods. Aztec is also known as one of the most Dangerous Tribes in the World



Native Americans

During the conquest of the American continent, it was believed that there are certain Indian tribes practicing cannibalism in America. Till date it’s a debate but many of them say that they have evidence of Indian tribes practicing cannibalism in America. In 1768, a priest from Spain came to witness the activities of this tribe. The tribes caught a victim and cut his throat, tore his skin and cut pieces of flesh and ate it in front of the priest.



Fiji today is one of the most tourist attraction places in the world. But this was not the scenario a couple of centuries ago. Cultural cannibalism was spread in areas of Melanisia, Sebagai and Polynesia. A group called seorang has admitted that they have consumed 785 people and claim that they are very proud of doing the same.

Top 17 Most Dangerous Tribes in the World


Karowai are the tribes residing in Indonesia. These tribes are usually found in Papua. They usually eat their own tribe member whom they suspect of being a witch. They usually eat them in a state of brain warm. Karowai tribes reside on tall trees to protect themselves from wild animals and other tribes.

Top 17 Most Dangerous Tribes in the World

The Ifo tribe

The Ifo tribe is inhibited in Papua New Guinea specifically in the highlands. The Ifo tribe adorned themselves in beautiful headdresses made from bits and pieces of the environment that surrounds them. They also wear some flamboyant face paint. Till that no one knows about their origin and in fact until 1988, no one knew about their existence. When people outside visit this tribe’s locality they are greeted by men aiming their vicious bows and arrows. This tribe’s people associated dancing with their fighting skills, which signifies their power and strength.

Chimbu Skeleton tribe

The Chimbu skeleton is one of the most dangerous tribes in the world. This tribe lives in a place called Chimbu in Papua New Guinea. People of this tribe paint their bodies as skeletons to look like living skeletons. That is because by this look they try to scare the other outsiders. Chimbu skeleton has been living in Papua New Guinea for 400 years. People of this tribe live on cultivating or animal husbandry.

Mashco Piro tribe

They live in Peru. The Mashco Piro tribe has been able to maintain their isolation up until recently as the industries of the outside world slowly displace them. There are likely less than 800 Mashco Piro tribes in existence. These hunter-gatherers shun any outsiders foolish enough to get too close. But, one unfortunate instance occurred back in 2012 when a local guide was found with a bamboo-tipped arrow lodged in his heart, and Mashco Piro people are suspected of this. Recently however deforestation has forced many Mashco Piro to ask their neighboring villagers for food and supplies. The people of this tribe’s immune systems have not been exposed to many of the same germs bacteria and diseases in the modern world.

Korubo tribe

This tribe is from Brazil. There is very little known about them. Korubo people are one of the last remaining indigenous tribes on Earth. To remain isolated from the rest of the world people of this tribe are hunter-gatherers but they are also known to go to war with each other and even have some violent encounters with the surrounding community. The Korubo tribe doesn’t need or want any contact with the outside world.

Sentinelesl tribe

This is the most isolated tribe. This tribe lives completely away from the modern world. The Sentinelesl tribe lives in Andaman and Nicobar of India. The government of India bans entry to the island so that this tribe can leave without any danger from outsiders. Till now many people tried to enter the island without permission as a result they had to lose their lives to the Sentinelesl people.

Asmat tribe

Living in the Papuan province of Indonesia, Asmat is a cannibalist. As of 2021, they are still about 65 000 Asmat with villages of about 2000 each. The Asmat people believe that they originated from wood. They are known for superwood carvings and sculptures. These people are a bit more notorious for their head-hunting and cannibalism practices. It has also been said that they would eat the brains of haunted animals straight from the skull. But perhaps more importantly the Asmat warriors haunted for names as they believe that when they killed a man they took not only his power but his name.

Shawnee tribe

This tribe Shawnee lives in America. But now these people live in Pennsylvania. The leader of the Shawnee tribe is selected based on fighting and archery skills. Back then when the British tried to rule over their land, they defeated the British very badly. They also fight against the American industrializers who tried to take their land. But unfortunately, the population of this tribe is decreasing day by day.

Asaro Mud man

Asaro Mud man tribe is one of the most dangerous-looking tribes. This tribe lives in the forest of Papua New Guinea. They are generally covered with clay. Basically, during the war against the enemy or hunting they cover their whole body with clay, cover their fingers with bamboo and cover their faces with a clay mask. Because they think by doing these they can easily threaten their enemies.

Suri tribe

In Southwest Ethiopia, three ethnic groups make up the Suri tribe. While they may be politically and territorially different, they speak many of the same languages and still share some of the cultures and practices. They are mostly famous for their large lip plug piercing and scarification of the body. Contact with them is usually kept to a minimum and if researchers and journalist decide to visit any of the Suri tribes, the local government suggest showing up with an armed guard.

Yanomami tribe

The Yanomami tribe exists amongst the trees along the border of Brazil and Venezuela. They are typically not violent toward outsiders but they are violent toward one another. Yanomami are inherently warriors and have been engaging in a rough civil war over the years to the outside that is slowly and surely creeping in. As their surrounding areas become more modernized and industrialized, the Yanomami tribes have been losing their natural resources at a pretty alarming rate. All of these unfortunately have them fighting amongst each other for their resources and agriculture.

Korowai tribe

The Korowai tribe is from West Papua New Guinea. This tribe was not known to anyone else in the world until the 1970s. The Korowai tribe is an interesting folk. They have about 3000 people in their numbers. That tribe doesn’t often come into or appreciate contact with outsiders. They believe in spirits’ magic and the general interconnectedness of people and nature. They are known to make animal sacrifices as part of their religion. The most dangerous thing about this tribe is its justice system.

Palawan tribe

The Palawan Islands in the Philippines are home to this tribe. There are about 40000 Palawan people in total. Many of them still refrain from any sort of contact with the outside world. They are pretty serious hunters of wild animals like pigs. They do believe that all living things have a master.

Indonesian black tribe man
Indonesian black tribe man
Close-up portrait of a witch from the indigenous African tribe, wearing traditional costume
Close-up portrait of a witch from the indigenous African tribe, wearing traditional costume


Though these tribes are dangerous, they are the reason many forests are still protected. They may don’t like outsiders but their love of nature is incredible. These people are living lives with ancient traditions like aboriginal. That’s why they are different and unique. It is also not right to destroy their shelters for developing industrialization. These people should be protected.


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