The Schema of Good “Wayfaring”

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To search for the perfect moments do we travel far and wide. Travelling is indeed an experience of how we survive outside the boundaries of our homely atmosphere. Considering such a view it becomes very important to travel well equipped and perfectly packed with all the “Knicks and knacks” of the journey ahead. Listed below are some of the very essential “follow-ups” which might help one to sojourn well:

  1. Make a list:

Travelling should definitely be organized. Even if it’s an unplanned trip make sure you jot down all that you wish to carry with you on a list. The very foremost of all fundas of wayfaring are probably a “to-take” list.  And, yes do carry it along with you so that you do not misplace anything; moreover having a list makes it easier for future use, does it not?

  1. Travel light:

We don’t need to overburden ourselves with things we are hardly going to use while on a trip. A trolley bag and a handbag or a backpack should definitely fit all you need. If we manage we can survive well with the minimum of things we carry with ourselves. I mean why move around with your whole cupboard just for a few days?

  1. Don’t binge buy:

It is funny to notice how going on trips carries back home with it loads of things that we buy and which hardly find a place in our lives, leave alone our households. We really don’t need to overload ourselves with whatever any shop puts up on sale while on the go. Yes it indeed is necessary to bring back some memories but then not something which would end up at one corner of our house totally forgotten or out of use. Memories can be made without burning bucks on absolutely useless things as well, can it be not?

  1. A contact book:

When any other form of communication fails pen and paper work wonders. Just a small notebook with your name, address, any serious ailments one suffers from along with a few contacts to reach out to: when in trouble. That’s pretty simple a follow-up, is it not?

  1. Some hidden cash:

Whenever you travel opting for cashless payment is indeed a good choice but carrying hidden cash is essential too, some bucks tugged in somewhere inside your bag in case you need them. Hidden cash even comes handy when you end up spending a lot more than the stipulated amount on your trip.

  1. Grab a visiting card of the hotel you stay at:

Tourist places are unknown to us, we might often forget the place we are staying at, in such a situation a visiting card comes in very handy. Not only do you get the phone number to contact the hotel people when you need it but also when you forget your way back. If the hotels are not able to provide you with such cards, remember to jot down the name, landmark and phone number of the given accommodations.

  1. Carry your mini first-aid box:

Emergency situations as I have already written about do not occur with prior notice. A small bag full of some very essential first aid items should be an important part of your travel bag and if you accompany someone who has needs continuous medical assistance carrying a medicine box becomes a very important thing, as we really wish to have a hassle free journey, don’t we?

  1. Carry your medical records:

Apart from the first aid box one thing should also be added to your bag, if you or anyone who tags along with you suffers from any serious ailments then you should remember to carry your medical records with you. Furthermore Google allows enough information about good doctors in any tourist place, make sure to do a search online and take down information in case of emergency. As I mentioned earlier we all need a hassle free travel. Ensuring yours and your family’s safety should be a priority always, right?

  1. Carry power banks:

We are all stuck to our phones, plus we are far away from our homes. A technology like this is definitely a “must-have” and a very important part of our travel bags. It helps you remain properly connoted for emergency situations occur unannounced, it is always better to prevent than to find a cure, right?

  1. Drink packaged drinking water:

Travelling needs you to be healthy, if you are a person with a “weak-tummy” then carrying your share of packaged drinking water becomes a must. Even if you are fit and fine it’s no harm to spend some bucks on water rather than spending them on medicines later. Moreover keeping yourself hydrated is very important, is it not?

  1. Avoid spicy and unhealthy food:

While we Indians are big foodies, it must be taken into account that unhealthy food needs to be avoided. Eat well while you are on the go. Definitely indulge in the local delicacies but avoid over-eating things. If you want it then eat it, but prefer to keep a check on what you might be eating. A healthy body makes a fitter mind to travel, right?

  1. Dry foods are a must:

I have often felt too hungry while on the move, I would always wish to keep on munching something or the other. This can be your condition too, so before you leave on the journey grab some dry foods that can easily be carried and have a long shelf-life.

There we go fellas, these are some of those important notifications to your travel minds, go around immerse yourselves in the aura of the wanderlust. Travelling had always been a much loved phenomenon in all my life, hence I really wished to share certain good habits of mine with all so that just like I enjoy the ease of surfing through the land you all get it too. Hope my little effort reaches out to all those wayfarers like me.

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