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5 Cheap Multi-Cuisine Restaurants in Chennai

Chennai is a great place for cheap and excellent serviced eateries. There are so many multi-cuisine restaurants which serve a meal for two people for a total of fewer than thousand rupees. That is the most admirable trait of these restaurants. It is very light in the pockets. Triplicane is a bustling area filled with many affordable multi-cuisine restaurants. Here is a list of 5 awesome and cheap places to eat at in Chennai.

1. Zaitoon

One of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in the Triplicane vicinity, this place is known for its authentic Arabic cuisine. Their low-priced grilled food varieties are to die for. The Triplicane branch is right opposite to Express Avenue Mall. This is the perfect spot to relax your legs after a tiring shopping spree. The buttery platter of grilled Arabian goodness will send your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride!

2. Hotel Safari

Smarmy and glistening Ceylon parathas paired with a bold bowl of butter chicken are the star dishes at this restaurant. People come from all the corners of the city to try their food. And trust me when I say the stuff you get here are cheap and amazing. A combination that is really hard to find these days. This multi-cuisine restaurant lies in the very heart of the busy streets in Triplicane. Want to shell out less money from your pocket? This is the spot you are looking for!

3. Hotel Sealord

A personal favorite spot of the college going students as this restaurant has reasonably priced dishes. If you are looking to save money and have a decent meal, this is your go-to place. Located in the market junction of Triplicane, this restaurant has an energetic scene all day long. It is famous for the availability of cheap grilled food according to the locals’ praise.

4. Samco

If you looking for mind-blowing schezwan chicken lollipops, this is the place you need to visit! The ambiance is brilliant plus they have valet parking service which is a total win-win situation. They serve generous portions of the best of Arabian and Mughal cuisine. A perfect site for a family dine-in and the service is highly commendable. Not forgetting they are greasy seek kebab which has an exquisite texture. What are you waiting for? Book your table now!

5. Buhari

Buhari has been around since 1951 and their groups of hotels have never compromised on taste. They deliver nothing but the best and it is the birthplace of the Chicken 65 recipe. The classic mutton Dum biriyani is their signature dish and they are open until the wee hours of the night. Living up to the brand is the decor and service of the restaurant. There is certain warmth about that place which simply embraces you. Also, wrapping up the hearty meal with a cup of chai is mandatory. Don’t miss out on this one!

Do visit these amazing places if you swing by the area. They are definitely worth your time and money.

Happy dining!


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