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Save Time, Gain Fitness– Cycling Around Town

bicycle rental can change a lifestyle. Cycling is considered one of the best exercises and many are looking at it as a convenient form of commuting too. By hopping on to a cycle, one can negotiate the worst of traffic jams and cover short to medium distances very easily. Here are some of the top reasons why cycling in the city is worth checking out.

A Long List of Health Benefits

Cycling, first and foremost, provides the heart with a great workout. All this cardiovascular activity will reduce the possibilities of heart-related ailments which are dangerous and also expensive to treat.

Cycling is something that is done at one’s own pace. A low impact exercise, it does not result in strain and injuries when compared to more vigorous options like running on a treadmill or a cross trainer. Cycling is a popular exercise because it is pleasantly distracting – one can cover long distances without focusing too much on the actual exercise. It helps increase core strength, stamina and muscle flexibility.

Costs and Carbon

Many vehicle owners are choosing the cycling route at least twice a week and are observing increased savings. That is equivalent to more than three months of not using a car – current fuel costs are a country-wide concern and cycling can add thousands to savings. Renting a cycle from Pedl costs less than 100 rupees for the entire day. Even the best-mileage car or motorbike will not be that affordable.

Cycling is also the cleanest mode of transport and hence a responsible choice. Compared to the carbon emissions by cars and two-wheelers, cyclists are responsible for minimal carbon footprint.

Explore New Corners

One can rent a cycle for a few hours to an entire month, so the possibilities are endless. Exploring the city on a cycle is a different joy altogether. There are many parts of the town and outskirt sites than are perfect for cycling, all one needs to do is some basic research. Whether it is the morning markets of Lucknow or the buzzing old town of Hyderabad, a cycle allows travellers to find hidden lanes and offbeat attractions. Mumbai’s heritage building corridor by night or morning is another popular tour route and so is Bangalore’s downtown. The eat streets of Kolkata can also provide the stage to a cycle tour with a culinary theme.

The Convenience of Renting Cycles

For those who are thinking about the initial investment, there is no need to straightaway buy a cycle. Pedl by Zoomcar also brings this to Indian cities and getting a bicycle online never got easier. All one needs to do is find the nearest Pedl station and unlock a cycle using a wallet app. When the ride is done, one can drop the bike at the closest station. So there are no storage issues for those who rent cycles.

An affordable and clean mode of transport that allows for a lot of fun, it is pretty obvious why some of the best cities in the world love cycling. And India is following suit.




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