Masaba Masaba – The Reel and Real Collide In This One.

Famed designer and now actress Masaba Gupta manages to wow the audience with her debut TV series on Netflix Masaba Masaba. Read more.

10 Bollywood Movies Every Guy finds Relatable

Movies have become a huge portion of our daily lives. Whether it is horror, thriller, romance, comedy or simply feel-good love and friendship movies. A movie makes us think in a wider perspective and to build opinions....

Raat Akeli Hai: A Bollywood Movie, But Way Too Nuanced For It.

Released on 31st of July, Raat Akeli Hai premiered as a crime thriller on Netflix recently. Here are my thoughts on the story.

Dil Bechara – A Fitting Tribute To The Legacy Of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Come celebrate the legacy of the charming Sushant Singh Rajput a.k.a Manny and Dil Bechara. Watch Dil Bechara on Disney Plus now!

Mirzapur Season 2 Release Date is finally out! Is Babblu Alive?

Ever since the first season of Mirzapur is released, fans are desperate for the second season. Everyone wants answers for everything which is left tangled in the first season. No doubt, the cliffhanger was amazing and heartbreaking...

Top 7 Self-made Bollywood actors

Talent is something that is given to someone by birth. We all have watching Indian cinema for our favourite stars. People adore and love to watch their movies. Without any support or any Godfather, they have...

Anushka Sharma’s first web series on Amazon Prime

Anushka Sharma Kohli is all set to drop her first debut web show on Amazon Prime. Produced by Anushka Sharma the series is named Paatal Lok. The story revolves around corruption and other evil forces lurking out...

Four More Shots Please Season 2. Does it Impress or Depress?

Four More Shots Please is back again with a new season! Read more about Four More Shots Please, latest news, story and more.

Tara Sutaria Biography, Career, Personal Life, Upcoming films and more.

Latest News on Tara-sutaria. Read Tara Sutaria latest news. Stay updated with latest information on Tara Sutaria biography, career, personal life, career.

10 Facts you need to know about RIVERDALE

Riverdale is one of the best American teen drama show streaming on Netflix. Riverdale as always is full of surprises. Beginning in 2016 this show sucks you in with its epic thrill, romance, drama and mystery....

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