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Christmas Gifts That Will Put a Smile on Your Son’s Face This Year

Isn’t funny how when kids are babies, you can get them the coolest toys that are out, and they would rather play with the cardboard inside to a paper towel roll. If you would have known that ahead of time, you wouldn’t have spent so much money on those other toys!

Luckily, as kids grow older, they find more appreciation in the gifts you give them. Little boys are especially verbal when receiving gifts they love. You’ll hear a big, “Whoa!” or an, “Awesome!” shouted at the top of their lungs.

The excitement on their face is priceless. To keep that excitement going, here are a few gifts to give your son that will give him a Christmas to remember.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are gifts that are timeless. These gifts have existed for many years, expanding imaginations of little boys everywhere. Your son will be able to have all kinds of adventures with his friends, and even his parents.

Take a trip down memory lane, reflecting back to sneaking around your house, asking your friend on the other end “do you read me?” You can now pass this wonderful childhood experience on to your son now.


You can’t just get your son regular clothes that you found at the department store, just because they were on sale. They have to be cool clothes. Grandma’s knit sweater just won’t do anymore. Your son is at an age where he knows what’s hot and what’s not, so let’s keep it hot for him this year.

Jogger outfits are a hot Christmas item this year. They are stylish and comfortable for your cool kid. With boys being a bit more rowdy than girls, comfort and durability should be an ideal focus when shopping for him. He’ll need something he can play outside in, and lounge around the house in. Finding him clothes that showcase comfort and style is a direct pathway to his heart.


Learning how to ride a bike is a lifelong memory that almost everyone remembers. Some people had horrific bike riding experiences, but as a parent, you’re going to prevent that from happening with your son.

This will help your son expand on his balance and coordination skills, as well as just simply being something fun for him to do. Take him outside and ride bikes as a family at a local park, or even around your neighborhood.

GameStop Gift Card

If your son is anything like the other kids, then he is probably into video games. Lots of boys are really into sports video games, with Basketball and football being the most popular. These video games allow your son to set foot on the field or on the court as some of their all-time favorite basketball athletes and football stars.

You may know that your son enjoys these types of games, but you’re not sure which one to get. That’s the beauty of gift cards: they allow you to still give a gift, and they’d be getting exactly what they want. So there won’t be any pouting faces when they open a gift from you, but it’s the wrong gift.

They’re normally appreciative of the gift in general, but when you choose poorly, their disappointment will be quite visible. So to save yourself the trouble, and possible disappointment; go on and purchase a gift card. To make it fun, you can put the card in a big box, to make him think it’s something else. You really can’t go wrong with gift cards, but a gift card to the store that holds his favorite video games will make you ultimate gift-giver in his eyes.


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