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Fashion Do’s And Don’ts Every Groom Needs to Check on Their List

A groom to be has to have the most unconventional ways of selecting their fashion choices and styles and checking them off their lists to make the people wonder about his style. It is essential to keep the element of style in the clothing and as well as add a classy content which can make the groom look deviously handsome. Since it is marked to be one of the most important days, it is crucial to look sleek and effortlessly handsome.  

Wedding tips can make you worry about the idea of wearing something a little less. There are different fashion choices which you may or may not like so there are always other options of switching to a completely different look. So here are certain tips which can be kept in mind while conducting the fashion experiment if you are a groom to be and trying to get your style straight.

You are attending your own wedding and not someone else’s house welcoming party. If you are wearing a tux which is a party wear and totally not the one which you should be wearing in your ‘own’ wedding then skip the choice. Your attire should give the vibe of something formal yet classy and elegant. There are different choices of suits which can be worn on that special day.

The best will be going with something which stands out less among the whole crowd. Plus, don’t ever overdo on the colour of your suit as well. I have attended some pretty horrifying weddings where I have seen the groom wearing something in neon and it was totally comical. So to save yourself from the danger of becoming something like that as well, go for a neutral tux-look.

  • Decide to match or not to match your attire with your partner

Sometimes it is essential to show the uncanny resemblances with your partner since you are going to tie the knot with that significant person. It is completely your choice and your individual decision to go for the same colour. If you do, you will find people appreciating the style and the love you have towards your partner (only sometimes).

The best advice is to go for your own style as well. If you are confident in something that makes you look the man you wanted to become then go for it. It is your wedding and it is your dress, don’t spoil it for something silly.

  • Don’t wear something too revealing

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Sometimes tight suits don’t fit a groom who has a huge pot belly which is just protruding and peeking out from two buttons. If a suit is matched to the body type then the groom will look amazingly well. Don’t wear something which you will regret wearing too. Not everyone is gifted with tight abs and broad chests.

Having a proper shape is not the matter but if you wear something which will make you look like a bloated balloon then that is a huge matter. Try something comfortable which won’t stick to your body all the time and since it is an all day journey for your wedding, wearing something comfortable will be a smart option as well.

  • Your attire should define you

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If you are a man of class then you should definitely go out for the grey coloured suit. If you want something funky yet stylish then you should go out for the white or baby pink. Your look should definitely style your match and body type.

If you do something over the top and wear a hat for example then it may or may not suit you. Sometimes experimenting is something and coming out of the box is even more fun but you since it is an important day, you should try to go for something which matches the person you are.

  • Try to look more like the whole attendants

Don’t wear something out of the blue. You don’t want to look like an alien in your own wedding. If you are wearing something which looks so alien and out of the blue then all the attention will be on your dress instead of your wedding and you might tend to set off your partner’s mood as well.

  • Match your accessories

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Since you are a groom you should always look out for the accessories and in a good way. Match your look with a well suited watch on your hand, sleek your hairstyle with a nice look, make yourself look appealing to your partner as well as your guests.

If you are planning on to wear gold chains at your wedding then let me stop you right there. Who are you planning to be? A mobster, trying to kidnap your wife and then settling on a ransom of cash? Sometimes grooms can overdo on the accessories and end up looking a complete idiot which later becomes a subject to laugh about. To avoid that, try for something genuine and classy.

  • Get a dashing hairstyle

If you are looking out to stand out as the ‘groom to be’at your wedding then wear a hairstyle which will match your wedding theme or dress code. Don’t do over the top hairstyles and conduct experiments with your hair like blue and purple streaks or even sometimes straightening them, just out of curiosity.

Match your style with a sleek look with some applications of hair gel or if your hair is long then wearing it in a smooth ponytail. Nothing is sexier than a man who knows how to take care of his own hair!

  • Be the best looking man you can

Since it is your day, you need to ace the look you are wearing. Stand out from the rest of the crowd and be the best looking man in your own party. You surely want to look good in the wedding videos which you will set to watch later with your bride.

  • Plan early

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Don’t wait for the last minute hassle. If you want your wedding to go as planned and perfect according to the way you want it to be, then you should definitely act as the one who needs to get it all. Plan your work early and choose your clothes early. Choose them according to what you need and how you want to dress.

Planning is a great start and it will keep the things going for you. Organizing your last minute ideas with your hairdresser can save you from a lot of trouble as well. Oh, and the last thing you want is to make your wife feel the pressure on her ‘special’ day as well.

  • Wear the style with confidence

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If you are wearing something at your wedding out of your own choice then wear it with confidence. What makes a man look good is the way he is confident in his own image. Style and confidence come in hand-to-hand to keep yourself sleek and smooth of your day!

Always keep this mind before you get prepared for your big day!

Fashion is a choice. It is not something which can be introduced to you and then you start liking it immediately. Whenever there is a new trend in the market, people tend to take time before shifting to it. It is because due to the lack of flexibility among them so trying something out of the blue is always a question of doubt. To make your wedding day the day of your dreams, plan well and execute it properly. Make sure you have all the things you need to make it go well. Don’t panic if things are not in place. You can ask your parents to take care of it or even your friends to handle the situation.

It may sound obvious but setting up a straight alarm of your special day is quite an inquisitive thing to do. If you want to plan overnight because you are not a morning person then do it by the end of the evening so that you can have a good sleep and look less like a panda for your wedding. Have your breakfast ready and eat it since it is important for the breakfast to keep you going for the rest of the day. Call your soon to be wife and ask her about how she is doing. Maybe she is nervous just like you and waiting for you to call her so that she can talk over to someone.

Remember, this day is just as important as to you and your wife. You don’t want to spoil the day for her and then make her feel sad. Weddings can be tough and it puts a lot of pressure on both the groom and the bride but it is important to keep a reminder of not freaking it and taking the chores perfectly well. Look good, act well.

A groom to be should always look out for the above listed points and stand out to be the best.

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