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Workouts to do when you are on CLEANSE

When you are on cleanse by detoxifying your body, you start having a doubt about whether or not it’s a good idea to do workouts.

Well, by now you probably already cleaned your pantry by getting rid of those tempting sweets. And now comes the task of dealing with the doubts regarding workout. And to that we give a resounding YES. Listening to your body is good while you are on a detox program, but working out does no harm either. A good sweat from workout will help in stimulating lymphatic flow, blood circulation, respiration along with improving the functions of kidneys, digestive tract, lungs and liver, which helps in processing and eliminating toxins released while cleansing.

Workouts to do when you are on CLEANSE

Remember that while you are on cleanse, exercise is not the first priority. The best workout exercises to do on a cleanse are the ones that get your heart rate up slightly and help you break up a little sweat. Doing high-intensity workout should not be considered because you will be taking fewer calories plus your body will be adapting to an entirely new way of functioning for a few days while you are on cleanse. So make sure to be kind and gentle with yourself and do not end up with injuries by doing highly intensified workouts while taking limited calories. Remember the motive and refrain from breaking a lot of sweat and only then you will be able to experience and enjoy the best results of the cleanse

Here are the 6 different workout routines that can be preferred to do during cleanse


Yoga is great for working on your flexibility and on your body strength too without doing any harms to the body while being on cleanse. It’s the most preferred workout to be done while one decides to go for detoxifying cleanse. Yoga poses give your muscles the much required stretch and flexibility and also strengthens the small fibers. And thereby stretching, twisting and soothing your body into a lean detoxifying machine.

Foam roll

Foam rollers are the best for the rehab of your injured muscles. While you are on Cleanse, foam rolls would really help you stay in shape by toning it without hurting your muscles. Foam rolls are easy to do and are convenient for those with muscle injuries. It releases the lymphatic fluid in your muscles, and thereby acting as a magnet to pull toxins from your body.

Workouts to do when you are on CLEANSE


Yes, meditation is not a physical exercise. You must be wondering why to include this in one of the best workout list. It is not a physical workout but it is the workout for your mental health. Meditation gives your brain the required peace and helping it by improving concentration level. It also rejuvenates the body allowing you to breathe and dispose the fears and anxiety which so often stands in our way to our goals.

Workouts to do when you are on CLEANSE

Light cardio

Light cardio exercise gets your heart pumping and makes your lungs take in the oxygen required for all those detox processes. It ensures the heart rate level that allows for easy recovery. You can go for a walk or jog, cycling or hiking or even a quick interval routine which is of less intensity.

Workouts to do when you are on CLEANSE


This idea might seem crazy but is fun for sure. These light up and down bouncing are of low impact and stimulates the lymphatic system. It boosts up the system, improving circulation and helps in weight loss and also reduces cellulites.

Workouts to do when you are on CLEANSE


Don’t have a trampoline for rebounding, but you want to have that similar crazy fun? You don’t like hard cardio and find it uselessly expensive to buy those equipments for exercises? Simply turn on the music stereo and dance to the rhythm.

Workouts to do when you are on CLEANSE

Dance, whether you are alone in the room or prefer going to dance classes, just dance and enjoy this low impact cardio which will become the only cardio you cannot hate. Dancing will help you enjoy and break a little sweat. Dance to celebrate yourself that how great it feels to do something good for your body.

These exercise will absolutely help you get the right amount of sweat. Go on! Sweat a bit  and feel good about doing something good for your body.

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