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Top 5 Affordable Sports Cars

Driving is a task for someone and a feel of passion for some others, and I, for one am from the latter group. Sports cars, especially, have a different feel and experience overall. Check out in this edition, our pick of the top 5 most affordable sports cars of all time.

1. The Jaguar F-Type

Top 5 Affordable Sports Cars

Price – $61,400 onwards

Its powerful, its agile and it’s here, but it’s a tab bit on the higher price range! But, it will make up for all its financial value. It takes most of its features from its predecessors, and it makes them proud too. It has an acceleration of 0-100 km/hr in 3.7 secs with top speed going up to 322 km/hr. Both coupe and convertible options are available for potential buyers. With excellent stability and a suitability to encompass every road and driver, it is here to impress.

2. 2016 Ford Mustang

Price – $24,400 onwards

This was one of the most awaited cars of 2016. The recent model is available with a 4 cylinder engine (Eco Boost), V6 and V8. The engines can be manually or automatically transmitted. The power varies from 306 HP up to 526 HP. It has a sleek body and it works just perfect for the roads of India. A voice-activated communication system with a push-button start and a hands free climate controller, a Ford Mustang always finds a way to take your breath away.

Top 5 Affordable Sports Cars3. Subaru BRZ

Top 5 Affordable Sports CarsPrice – $25,395 onwards

This is a very affordable sports car, one which is real rare to find these days. An updated 205-hp version of the 2.0-liter flat-four pairs to a six-speed manual and an Output which drops to 200 hp with the six-speed automatic. It goes upto 134 mph as its highest speed. The 2017 model is heavily revised, while still maintaining its aspired features.

4. Dodge Challenger

Top 5 Affordable Sports CarsPrice – $26,995

True to it’s name, this sports car has turned out to be a real challenger in the industry, giving other cars a true run. The latest model, has V6 or V8 and 8 gears automatic transmission. Although, there are three available V8 engines, all of them are similar, but they offer different amounts of power.  The least powerful version has 305 HP and the most powerful 707 HP. Its not small and sleek, we agree, but its monstrous size is what gives it a unique look. For 2015, Dodge redesigned all Challenger interiors. It’s now safe for mildly dangerous roads and even for a soft picnic spot.

5. Volkswagen GTI

Top 5 Affordable Sports CarsPrice – $24,995

This is one car with the most prestige and historic value today. The latest model offers 210 HP or 220 HP power and it comes with a 4 cylinder engine. It is a six-speed automatic, with an extra-cost option. GTI’s classic plaid seats come standard, as do agile handling and hatchback practicality. This one is an impressive hatchback with looks and workings of a small sports car. You can drive it every day, but when you are in the mood for a race, it can satisfy your need for that too.

Cars are somewhat a sentimental value. You care for it and it gives you the best performance. These models are safe, practical and very approachable. In addition to all its technological features, their looks are to kill for.


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