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How automating learning content workflows improve student outcomes

The past two years have been challenging for students and lecturers alike. The shift to virtual learning ensured universities could still offer learning experiences and materials no matter the lockdown restrictions. This...

Here’s What You Should Know About UAN Activation

Universal Account Number or UAN is a one-stop destination to manage all your EPF accounts. Since it became mandatory in 2014, EPF account holders have only benefited from UAN. It allows users...

12 Best Amusement Parks In Delhi NCR

It is about the best amusement parks in delhi ncr.

12 Epic Netflix original to binge watch

Netflix original has become one of the biggest sources of television entertainment for many people. This year, Netflix ruled the Emmys for the first time with several nominations. This proves that the...

How To Dress Plainly Without Looking Dull

Fashion can get crazy and quite overwhelming when you look at high fashion runway shows, but there’s another trend that has been around for ages. Minimalistic looks have always been around and...

5 Easy Ways to Be More Confident At Work

Confidence is a funny trait - if you don’t have it, people walk all over you. Confidence is the difference between standing back and going unnoticed and finally getting the praise we...

25 do(s) and don’t (s) to consider while choosing a job

It's not easy to get a new job, but don't worry. It's simple to learn how to job hunt like a pro and achieve the outcomes you want. While every job seeker...

Tips On ‘How To Write A Good Covering Letter’

It is about how to write a good covering letter.A good covering letter is the basis of an effective first impression. Furthermore, they could shortlist you for further interview processes just by seeing your cover letter.

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