Secrets to Write a Good English Article

English, one of the most popular languages in this millennium, the language of Business, is a vast language with influences derived from a myriad of cultures and languages. These random influences over the course of centuries have led to it being one of the most “illogical” and “crazy” languages in the world,for instance, the word “GHATION“(absolutely meaningless word)  can be pronounced as “FASHION”,  as long as “GH” is pronounced as in the word “rough” and “TION” is pronounced as in “determination“!

Keeping in view all of this and the fact that most of us, Indians, have English only as their secondary or even tertiary language,it is somewhat necessary that for job interviews,day-to-day interactions and even for writing reports,applications,etc you learn how to use the English language to create a beautiful piece that automatically engages and enthralls your readers as well as fulfilling your purpose of writing it. So, with this in mind, let me present before you a few tips to write an English piece with flair and quality:-

(1) Read, observe and wonder:

Perhaps one of the strongest suits of armor for a good English writer is his/her command over the English vocabulary. There is a simple principle behind the creation of a good vocabulary to read and observe.

  • Read books, magazines, blogs, novels, comics, advertisements, and basically anything you are interested in and can get your hands on. Also, you have to not only read but to observe and wonder behind the meanings of words one encounters for the first time.
  • You should then try to grasp some meaning behind these words based on the context of the material, usually, it is possible to make an “educated guess” behind the meaning of such a word; if you cant then only you must consult a dictionary!

(2)Organize your ideas:-

Before you start writing, you should put before yourself the purpose and the topic of the piece. Next, you must start developing a “mind map“.Plot out any word, topic, an issue that deals with the topic and jot it down, either in your mind (i.e.your mind-map) or in a piece of paper. If you have too few topics to jot down, then do some research-read and speak to knowledgeable people to generate more ideas.

After you are satisfied with the number of sub-topics at hand, select the most relevant ones and expand your ideas, again either in your mind or on paper-through short phrases. Finally, when you have a final skeleton of the piece, start writing it down in a logical and easy-to-understand language. Try to use some “new” words from your vocabulary where possible but always try to make your piece as “reader-friendly” as possible!

(3)Maintaining a flow in writing:

  • Your article/piece must have a logical sequence of paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph must deal with a single topic.
  • The first paragraph must be engaging and arouse curiosity in the reader as to what is about to follow.
  • To engage the reader, you can use anecdotes, quotes, idioms, an intriguing question, a startling observation, etc. 
  • Use active voice as far as possible and use the word “You” instead of “we” when possible.
  • You must conclude your piece with a “feeling of completeness” i.e. your reader must arrive at the viewpoint destination you set for him.

(4) Proofreading:-


Always go through your article after you have written it. Keep an eye out for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, unclear ideas. If everything is well and good, you are ready to shout out your article to the world!

A final word-the basic and simple technique to learn any skill is-Rigorous practice. So, guys, read, observe, wonder, write and broadcast your views to the world!! All the best!


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