Intricacy of choosing Humanities subjects – psychology as the 2nd subject


Being a humanities student in India , students and formers may know the complexities and subject biased feelings​ of choosing the streams before or after their boards.


Studying humanities and commerce other than that of science has always been an important and toughest struggling years in a student’s​ life in high school .

None other than our dearest families​ who would support us but in the same way they have their outrageous power of utterance of words which could highly demotivate us , as they often speak the negativities rather than encouraging them more.

Having this experience everyday is being  honoured and be in the legacy . The subject combination that I chose was :


  • English


  • Psychology instead of History/Geography
  • Sociology instead of Political Science
  • Mass Media instead of Multimedia
  • Home science  instead of MATHEMATICS ( yes , that’s not the cup of tea )
  • Painting instead of Vernaculars.

All the subjects were ‘ up to the mark ’ but choosing psychology instead of social sciences they said ‘ could posses a problem in future ’ . Naturally , the ‘ hearsay ’ alarmed my choices.  My situations were hopeless cause nobody in family knew the next steps ‘ what was to be done ’,  undoubtedly ‘ I had to Google it ’ , my father didn’t know what was to be done instead of cursing me and spending such serious brass , the outcome was nothing , he himself knew nothing of this field.

  • I searched down my dream colleges in and around INDIA.  Other than Google , for that fractions of time I was clueless and blind.
  • The hearsay​ won’t help , I  started contacting colleges via emails .


  • Day 1: NO REPLY
  • Day 2: ​NO REPLY


  • Day 3: NEW UPDATE :


here’s the actual reply :

For the students who’re Willing to keep one science subject in humanities stream can definitely , search and enquire their doubts , ‘ it’s the time when people who knows​ nothing would also come and suggest subjects.’

Caution : Hear wisely the ‘hearsays’ , { From personal experience }