Style secrets of supermodel turned actress Lisa Haydon!

Her eyes can melt the ices of peaks! Her perfect pout leaves people speechless! And to that, her bohemian wild child spirit is cherry on the cake. Oozing with natural sense of sensuality, this top model turned actress is undeniably one of the most stylish ladies around. Yes, I am talking about Lisa Haydon and in this piece of my writing I have tried spill the beans of her long kept style secrets!

Q) Did Lisa ever dream of being exotic Supermodel?

Style secrets of supermodel turned actress Lisa Haydon!
Lisa Haydon

A) Yes! Let me tell why! When Lisa was in her teenage years she used to look upto supermodels. One of her friends asked her to go for modeling auditions and when she went, she got a complement which said “Anjalina Jolie has come”. That was the moment she realised she had it in her.

Q) What are her personal fashion choices?     

A) She likes things to be easy and sopbisticated at the same time when it comes to fashion. Simple and elegant outfits is what appeals to her. Flowery dresses, scarfs and skinny jeans are her type and whatever she wears has to have sense of comfort in them.

Style secrets of supermodel turned actress Lisa Haydon!
Lisa Haydon sporting little black dress

Q) Aisha was a film high on style! What was Lisa’s favorite outfit in that?                                                

  A) A scene in the movie Aisha, where Lisa is in races and cheering for Abhay Deol wearing backless drape dress with a big hat and sunglasses on, is her favorite dress in the flick.

Q) How does she manage to look so fresh and radient?                                                                        

  A) Two liters of water everyday and a good sleep is her secret of fresh look. She also makes her two liters of water into three on a good day! Also, lot of excercise in daily regime helps to put radiant look she says.

Style secrets of supermodel turned actress Lisa Haydon!
Lisa Haydon at Vogue photoshoot

Q) How to get perfect Lisa Haydon’s body?          

  A) The actress says that she feels it is very hard to change one’s natural body structure without being really hard on oneself. People should enhance and celebrate what they already have in terms of their body structure and should not try to mould their body at all.

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