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5 Steps to Grow Your Hair Healthier Naturally

1. By using onions:

This home remedy might not seem that appealing but it has been successful treatment for hair loss for decades. Follow the procedure make onions into small pieces and take those in an exceedingly fine juicer, squeeze out juice and take away tougher half using tissue or thin cloth. Apply it to scalp and do massage for five min and leave it of for 15-20 min and wash your hair with shampoo. As it is simple and more effective you can find change in four weeks from the time you started using it.

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2. With the help of Milk:

Milk has protein content that helps your hair look shinier and make it longer. Apply milk to your hair and keep it for twenty min then wash your hair you’ll be able to see the distinction with in a pair of washes. It is temporary hair straightener.

3. Coconut oil at the side of hibiscus:

Your hair desires nourishment to grow longer and shinier.  Do massage for ten minutes with coconut oil soaked with hibiscus flower that should be dried in sun until it may be created into powder and leave it off overnight. Take a shower at morning this provides hair nourishment. if you find it difficult to find hibiscus flowers then you can simply use coconut oil instead.

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4. Fenugreek seeds at the side of curd :

Soak fenugreek seeds in curd for all night. Morning make paste of fenugreek seeds with curd, make sure that you simply don’t add a lot of water. Apply the paste and stay for half an hour. Take a shower later this reduces hairfall and even makes your hair silkier.

5. Use of Soapnuts (Reetha) :

Use natural shampoo that’s soapnuts by which your hair is protected against sulphur in shampoos that damages your hair heavily and leads to breakage of your hair. Soak soapnuts in warm water for 15 minutes and use the squeezed liquid as shampoo.

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