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Unequal opportunity: Discrimination in education (Updated)

Education is most important factor for the upliftment of society. Discrimination in education is the act of discriminating against people belonging to any specific category in not allowing them to enjoy full rights...

New technique freezes drones

Recently the radio beams were used to freeze drones in the midair to prevent them from entering the sensitive areas. It must be noted that three United Kingdom firms joined hands and...

NASA studying how zero gravity affects the brain

The news regarding NASA-funded researchers studying zero gravity affecting the human brain has been the talking point.It was said that the researchers were studying brain structures and functions of astronauts aboard the...

Tips to submit a best resume[Updated]

Career plays an important role in every body’s life. Either people want to become an entrepreneur or want to get employed in some reputed organizations. Being an entrepreneur for a business organization...

UV light enabled catheter to fix holes in heart without invasive surgery…! (Updated)

The news that no surgery is required for fixing holes in the heart would have brought cheers to millions of people. It was said that researchers had developed a special type of...

Are we ending the revolution of letter-writing…? (Updated)

Since ages letter writing has being an trend to communicate with people long distance. Due to the advancement in technology and increase in global warming have we come to and end to...

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