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Say Happy Valentines Day to Your Lover With These 20 Extraordinary Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming soon with love blooming pleasantly like flowers, spreading the sweet scent around. The season for all the lovers to celebrate each other has arrived. Many of you must be awaiting Happy Valentines Day, either to celebrate it with your beloved or to confess to your beloved, anything, nonetheless, all of you await this day. Not just the day but the entire week that leads to the day, the gestures of love and affections that are associated; exhilarating, to say the least. This Valentine’s Day, get your partner the perfect gift and bask in the light of their happy face as you celebrate your love for each other. 

Happy valentines day card. border design.
Happy valentines day card. border design.

When choosing a gift for anyone, it is an important aspect to know about their likings and interests. Not only would that make the process simpler and easier, there will be no room for doubt whether the other person would appreciate the gift or not. Once you are aware of the preferences of your partner, there opens a whole new area of gifts you could get them that they would love and appreciate. Since the theme is of love, there is a whole new area for you to explore when it comes to gift-giving. Let us explore it together! 

Valentine’s Week: The Perfect Days

Happy Valentines Day couple
couple on valentine’s day

As 14th February approaches, let us take a look at the various days of the Valentines week that unravel the most awaited day. Beginning from the 7th of February with Rose Day followed by Propose day on 8th. 9th of February is Chocolate Day followed by Teddy Day on 10th. 11th February is Promise Day followed by Hug Day on 12th. 13th February is Kiss Day followed by Valentine’s Day on 14th. 

Extraordinary Gifts for Happy Valentines Day 

Where We Met Map

A trip down memory lane takes you to the place you met for the first time; a portrait of a map of the place where you met for the first time. It is a good way to keep the past memorable. It is the perfect gift for your partner, something to put on the wall to remember where it all began. 


The Lovebox for Lovers is a connected messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver instant expressions of affection from a distance. Send pictures, coloured messages, stickers, and silly drawings to show your partner just how much you care about them in a very unique and cute way! 

Lego Flower Bouquet

Couple holding hands in valentine day
Couple holding hands in valentine day

Red roses may wither away but not the Lego Flower Set. Buy and build your partner the best flower bouquet that will never wither away, always decorated in a vase, beautiful and timeless. Gifting flowers is a grand gesture in itself, but gifting flowers that will never die is an act of love in itself. You could also buy the kit and build it together, turning it into a cute date. The possibilities are endless as long as you know what to do. 

Art Date

Having many options under itself, Art dates are one of the most popular gift ideas. Not only is it productive, you get to spend quality time together with your partner. Art dates are especially suitable for those who enjoy artistic aesthetics and experiences. It is also perfect for those who love art in general but not limited to them; it is for everyone. 

Couple Workshops

Happy Valentines Day cookies
Happy Valentines Day cookies

While dates together are enjoyable, with couples workshops you could spend quality time together and learn something new. Try and learn something new together, a romantic getaway with workshops where you could spend time together productively. A few workshops you could apply for could be a baking workshop, a pottery-making workshop, salsa or any dance workshops, etc. 

Fitness Kit

Happy embraced athletic couple in a gym after sports training.
Happy embraced athletic couple in a gym after sports training.

For all those who love working out, in a gym or on their own, a fitness kit would be the perfect gift. Not only does it appeal to their interest, it is extremely helpful. It is a thoughtful gift that implies that you care about your partner and their hobbies and interests. Not only that, it also implies that you care for their well-being and would always care about them. 


Going to watch or do something together is a romantic gesture especially if it’s a concert ticket to your partner’s favourite artist. But that is not the only option, there exist other activities such as Pet Yoga, Pet Gala, Cat/Dog Cafes, Couple Spas, etc. The larger idea here is that these are experiences that are enhanced by the presence of your beloved. Thus, experiencing such things together enhances and strengthens your relationship. 

Health Insurance

A big step, a grand step, an act of love. As we all know, one’s health is one of the most important things. Thus, getting your partner health insurance is a very specific gesture of love that implies that you care for their health and would go to lengths to keep them happy and healthy. This can also be seen as a bold gesture that could take your relationship to the next level and help you out in defining where you stand. 

Digital Courses

Beautiful couple working on laptop
Beautiful couple working on laptop

Education is an important aspect of the contemporary world as time moves forward. Everyone seems to know a lot more than what is normally taught thus to impress the employers, a few more skills on your resume is always a good idea. Thus, a course enrollment, digital or not, is a helpful and practical gift that would help your partner in the near future. Not only is it extremely practical, it is also a thoughtful gift. 


As we all know that most software don’t give access to all the facilities unless we pay for them, thus, buying your partner a paid version of a software such as Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Lightroom, Microsoft 365, Grammarly, JSTOR, ProjectMuse, etc., would be extremely helpful and thoughtful. These softwares are useful in various aspects and make for a practical gift. 

Daily Planner

Women writing notes on diary notebook and relaxation with happiness on sofa in lifestyle at home
Women writing notes on diary notebook and relaxation with happiness on sofa in lifestyle at home

Scheduling a day beforehand is always a helpful and good idea. And what better way to plan things out than in a planner. Choosing to give a planner opens up a whole area to select a good planner from. You could go with classic leather-bound planners or you could go preference-wise and get something that aligns with your partner’s interest. You could always have a custom-made planner with specific pictures and messages. The possibilities are endless. 

Health Check-up

As mentioned earlier, health is one of the most important aspects of our lives thus taking your partner for a full body check-up as a gift is such a grand as well as a very domestic gesture of love. There is an implication that you have reached a certain level of your relationship. It also builds trust while simultaneously strengthening your relationship. A health check-up is also a must from time to time, thus it is, again, practical and thoughtful. 

Glamping Date

Couple take care of plants in small orangery
Couple take care of plants in small orangery

Glamorous Camping or Glamping is a perfect date idea to escape to a remote getaway location to spend time together while basking in the glory of nature. For all the adventurous couples out there, this is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s day in a remote, secluded location away from the hustle-bustle of city life. A getaway, if only for a little while, is a moment of bliss in the midst of chaos and the presence of your partner only makes everything better. 

Personalised Gifts to Say Happy Valentines Day

happy valentine’s day/ gift / love / romantic
happy valentine’s day/ gift / love / romantic

The beauty of personalised gifts is that you can pay special attention to your partner’s specific interest and get them something meaningful. Be it a matching pendant set, bracelets, luxury perfumes, posters, t-shirts, mugs, towels, etc. All of these could be personalised to their appeal which you are well-versed in and thus there is no room for doubt whether it is a good gift or not because you know it is something your partner would love and appreciate. 

Musical Instruments

Loving young couple playing piano
Loving young couple playing piano

If your partner is a musician or aspiring to be one, giving them a musical instrument is an amazing idea. The type of instrument could range from stringed instruments like a ukulele, a guitar, a violin to instruments like a keyboard or flute. It might be that they always wanted a specific type or version of their instrument or that they wanted a new one. This comes with the implication that you care about and take interest in their specific hobbies. 

Art Supplies

Anyone who knows an artist also knows that they go crazy over art supplies. Even if they have sufficient art supplies, it is never enough. Is your partner an artist obsessed with art supplies? Then add more to their overflowing collection, it would make them extremely happy because trust me, no amount of art supplies will ever be enough. 

Special Editions

Valentine's Day. young couple in love hold valentines heart-shaped lollipops in their hands.
Valentine’s Day. young couple in love hold valentines heart-shaped lollipops in their hands.

Collecting special editions of your favourite objects is bliss in itself; to spend hours looking for that specific edition that would look good on your shelf that your heart doubles just thinking about it, yes, that is bliss. Your partner into collecting special editions? Hunt down that one thing they haven’t been able to find, get them the special edition. It aligns your interests together and implies the amount of care and effort you put into getting them something special. 

Gaming Equipments

Senior couple playing video games together at home
Senior couple playing video games together at home

Is your partner a gamer? If yes, there are many things that you could do. Build a PC together, design a specific themed gaming desk, give them a new gaming console, get them a Nintendo Switch or get them game-specific accessories. The options here are endless, you need to choose according to preference and need, something that is useful and pretty. You could definitely do a better job at buying something thoughtful for your partner. 

Subscription Services

As mentioned earlier, most services don’t give access to many facilities unless they are paid for, thus you could give a subscription of services such as Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Audible, etc. These are extremely thoughtful and practical. They are not just limited to online services, you could also subscribe to specific subscription boxes catering to your partner’s interest like Monthly BookBox Subscriptions or coffee samples or gourmet snacks. 

Pet/Pet Accessories

Happy couple looking at their cat
Happy couple looking at their cat

Most people these days have a pet, largely a dog or a cat but the preferences are never-ending. Thus, you could discuss and get a pet together as a Valentine’s day special which would lead to accessory shopping for the pet and; thus, a date. This is also a certain sort of establishment of your relationship status, thus it is an amazing idea. Besides, who doesn’t like a tiny being? 

The gifts mentioned above are only a few of the many gifts you can get for your partner. While gift-giving is important, you need to remember that anything you choose as a gift, make it something special, something you have in common, something you know your partner would like. And I assure you that they will treasure it for the rest of their lives.

With that notion, I would like to conclude on the note that Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love that you have for each other; it is not about grand gestures or great gifts. It is about being happy with each other and acknowledging the fact that you are together on that occasion and nothing else in the world matters. 

Rutva Chaudhari
Rutva Chaudhari
I am Rutva Chaudhari, an undergraduate at Christ University, Bangalore. I am a student under the programme of BA (English Honours). My interests lie in reading, writing and music. I am an avid reader with a liking for fantasy and dark academia while my writing ranges over a wide variety of areas. My music taste is dominated by indie rock and alt rock music though I enjoy pop as well. As far as my other interests are considered, I do enjoy theatre from time to time and of course, anything that has a pop culture reference. I take great interest in British Literature and Greek Mythology and also, last but not the least, gaming. I go by the quote given by Leigh Bardugo, “When people say impossible, they mean improbable”.


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