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Dual degree: Competitive advantage or an Extra dose of stress

Recently the University Grants Commission (UGC) allowed students to pursue dual degree courses simultaneously. For example- students studying Bachelors in English literature now can also pursue a degree course in Science or commerce field. But one of the degrees should be pursued through Open/distance learning and the other can be regular. 

The dual degree system sounds pleasing to everyone for now. As the students are guessing that this will reduce their time investment. But this dual degree system has also come up with a few challenges. Moreover,the regular degree courses are generally planned in a way that they consume a student’s full time.

The dual degree system is optional and students according to them can choose if they want to pursue it or not. But I believe that having an opportunity like this, in this pandemic. No student will actually leave this chance to learn. And upgrade their skills and resumes as it will direct them to land a job much before than others. Furthermore, this will also lead to mental, physical and pocket exertion which is not easy to cope up with. 

Dual degree: Competitive advantage or an Extra dose of stress
Two graduation hats here means the pressure or the pleasure of two.

We can understand if we should do it or not by stating a few rationales (given below) as its pros and cons.

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Saves time for us

Pursuing two degrees together can save our time in terms of year, and can make us land a job prior than others. The students who are pursuing two degrees together will also lead in the competition/ race of their social world. 

Upgrade in resume and skills

Having two degrees in diverse or similar courses, both in a way can be effective. And adds up in your skills and resume. As the recruiter then will have more reasons to select you over other candidates. 

Development in time management skills

One common thing of all the successful people in this world is the skill of time management. Pursuing two degrees together will give you ample opportunities to work around this skill and master it for better results.  

 Can switch career easily 

The generation today is working around their interests and abilities for generating diverse career options/ money/ future out of it. And pursuing two degrees will motivate the youngsters to work on their passion and profession together. Also they can switch streams easily because they will have skills and qualifications for both. 

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Mental exertion 

Dual degree system can be worthy for your resumes and skills. But this also adds up extra pressure on students. And this pressure can clearly have effects on their mental as well as physical well-being. 

 Managing the exams and assignments of the two degrees together

The enrollment of an individual in two degrees at the same time also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Such as, completing the assignments given, doing self-study and achieving good marks in examinations. This can be easier if the two degrees have some connection in them. But if not then the student had to jumble between two different things and understandings. Challenges faced them at these times can be worthy in the long run. But managing them today can also be tough for some individuals.  

Can be heavy on pocket 

Pursuing two different degrees and paying for both colleges together can be out of budget for many students. And, opportunities like scholarships and fee-waivers are not provided in every institution. So economically it can be draining for an individual to continue to pay for both courses together. Moreover, the idea of pursuing a dual degree itself has some privileges to it. As in this country some people haven’t even got the chance to pursue one degree of their choice.  

 A regular degree doesn’t leave time for anything extra

Pursuing a degree full time doesn’t provide much opportunity to students to explore other things which are out of premises and their course. Full-time degree course not always leave time for the student to study different subjects calmly. So pursuing a different degree course and achieving good marks in it can be challenging for one. 

Having a degree in two very different streams can’t be always beneficial for you

Students who are pursuing similar kind of courses can be fruitful in the long run. But the ones who are pursuing very different courses can’t always add up to your resume effectively. For example, students who have enrolled in a course of education and are pursuing B.tech full time can’t be effective enough until and unless he/she will continue as a teacher in future. 

Can’t have specialized knowledge of one

Pursuing two degrees in a different field can help individuals to have diverse knowledge. But they will not master a particular subject while continuing with both. As at some point or the other, they will have to choose one skill over others to master. Or else they will be called as- ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

I hope the points given above would have helped you guys figure to out if you should do two-degree courses together or not. The idea of jotting down these points as pros and cons is not to terrify you about the dual degree. This is just an attempt to clarify the points which can be applied as different advantages/disadvantages in your situation differently. 

'A child miseducated is a child lost.' - John F. Kennedy | Diksha is an educator, freelance writer and researcher, who loves to write on diverse topics. She is a trained teacher and a postgraduate in Education (Early Childhood Care and Education). She loves to share her experiences and believes in looking at things with diverse perspectives.


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