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Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget

Podcasts have become the most powerful medium of communication in recent years. With its compelling act of storytelling, interviews, weird teaching style have made them well-known in the world. They have a high exponential reach. Over 40% of the population is listening to podcasts to develop relationships, maintaining media, and transmitting recurring revenue. Hence, the future of the podcasting market continues to evolve with hundreds of new podcasts channels launched in the display boosting the numbers each day. However, there are many podcast editing software available that help to grow your business.

With the massive growth of millions of podcasts, you need patience and passion to stand out. It takes years to build trust and credibility with your audience. In other words, you do not create an ardent listener in 2-5 months. 

Today is the chance to start your podcast channel using the right podcast editing software. You only need a decent podcasting mic, the best podcast recording software and a means to edit your audio later. With that in mind, here is the list of choicest podcast editing software and recording programs for a total beginner or an experienced podcaster. 

Podcast recording equipment: microphone, headphones, USB audio interface, Adjustable microphone arm stand.

Podcast editing software: Skype, zoom, Ringr, squad cast, pro tools, reaper, logic pro, whereby, Lancaster, pro tools first, resonate recorder, Hindenburg journalist, adobe audition, audacity, garage band, Descript, Sonar works Reference 4

Podcast hosting sites: buzz sprout and libsyn

Best automated podcast software: Auphonic, Levelator, Candr, Alitu, Buzz sprout.

Garage Band:

A free podcast editing software available with a music production studio inside your Mac OS. It has an extensive set of the sound library that comprises instruments, presets for guitar and voice. It combines with an incredible choice of session drummers and percussionists. It enables you to integrate and change your station sources into a single audio production. It is a valuable configuration when working with multiple records like a remote interview in various segments in an episode.

garage band
Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget


  • A beginner editing program. 
  • It can mix up 255 audio tracks as compared to other podcast tools.
  • The audio editing features comprise volume levels, compression, cut, copy, and paste.
  • Composed of a wide variety of plugins and a sound library to finish your track.
  • The program is stable and hard to crash.
  • It has an interface with an easy learning curve.
  • The garage band supports MIDI recording.


  • The free podcast editing software is only available on Mac OS.
  • Less flexible with audio manipulation
  • It relies on Apple for improvement.
  • Not an open-source program.

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Resonate Recordings:

resonate recordings
Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget

It is the comprehensive podcast management platform that integrates software with human experiences and scalable services. It follows the simple step to capture your directives. Firstly, you need to Sign up. Then record and upload the content for your podcast using the resonate account. Once you do this, the team will examine your episode and add more features if required throughout the production process. Finished, check the last track to ask for changes, or to recommend it. Once you approve, you can distribute your podcasts with one click using the resonate hosting.

Logic X pro:

logic x pro
Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget

The best podcast tools where you can upgrade from the garage band to Logic to experience customization. Using other factors such as custom fade and ripple edits adds worth to your editing and production. Logic X pro is more efficient and professional to take on a one-time investment. You run the older version while the new mac will not support the app. You can Install Logic on your machines connected to your Apple ID and can engage it on multiple devices at once.


A digital audio editor platform is an exceptional autonomous choice for altering the podcast. 

Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget


  • UI is easy to apply and beginner-friendly.
  • It is an open voice management tool on windows.
  • It comprises audio level meters, multi-track recording, sample rates up to 384 kHz, and 32-bit depth, to export in a lossless format, AIFF, and FLAC.
  • You can look at unlimited info, change pitch and tempo, noise removal, loads of built-in implements.
  • You can do more flexible and fine-tuning of records.


  • You will take time to learn and understand several effects and settings.
  • A digital auditor medium does not support MIDI recordings. Neither covers any pre-recorded material.
  • Because of its simplicity, it is unusual to do cuts or move in audio signals.

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Adobe Audition:

The best application program is known for an excellent mid-level creation such as recording, mixing, editing, and restoring the audio content.


The audio editor shows up with podcast tools that can boost your recordings and reduce any noise. Adobe audition generates a balanced sound.

The tool runs up with a podcast template that can set multi-track recording so you can mix and edit different audio tracks and voices.

adobe audition
Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget


It is a subscription-based license program. You can also buy in a bundle with the production apps that you may use.

Pro tools first:

pro tools first
Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget

The free version Pro tools First are the category of Pro tools with business-standard DAW. It is the best alternative when you want to learn to use the application program. The core components include Quick punch, elastic audio, MIDI editor, offline bounce, Volume, PAN sends, solo, mute, plugin parameter automation, and more. The other factors are:

  • The application program has 23 decent plugins accessible to mix your podcast.
  • Pro tools first limit to having only 16 tracks at a time in your session.
  • It restricts to 4 inputs. No video track support occurs.

Pro tools First are the main form that excludes factors such as clip gain feature, OMF file interchange. Likewise, no opportunity to import session data. Also, it limits to 3 cloud projects on your avid account. To take hold of components, you require to make a licensing agreement.

Pro tools:

pro tools
Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget

Pro tools are a powerful production standard application program for editing, recording, and mixing software. To free up your software, make a licensed investment to run at maximum capacity. You can undo the restraints and give yourself access to the media and the other elements. The multi-tool program offers the shuffle and slips modes and playlists. The only thing that you require remembering is the set up that becomes active when the Ilok key plugs. You can download on multiple computers, but it will appear useful in an Ilok key supported system.


Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget

It is an automated audio podcast platform popular for multi-track recordings. Auphonic is outstanding to other podcast editing/ recording software as it keeps balance to the level of your dialogues line and gets your audio to broadcast standards through normalization. You can do the vital audio restoration functions such as reducing noises and even offer a computerized gate, checking effects for selecting multiple tracks.

Above all, you can download the software for free and try it to process for 2hrs of free audio each month. After that, the price goes up that counts enough for podcasters.

Hindenburg Journalist:

Podcasters prefer Hindenburg Journalist for recording, importing, publishing, and organizing audio content.  The tool is used as a multitrack audio editing software for audio producers, audio journalists, and podcasters. The tool records a voice and makes adjustments.

hindenburg journalist
Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget
  • Easy to connect with windows and mac.
  • It supports various audio files.
  • Easy publishing options.
  • Rehearse clip.
  • The set up for recording audio is smooth.
  • Nondestructive editing features
  • Noise reduction
  • Voice profiler
  • Costly with minimum advanced features.


A choice for professionals because of its podcast scheduling feature. It is easy to use and accessible for mobile devices. The call resume notification feature is still in Ringr. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and web. You can even conduct remote interviews with Ringr. 

Top 10 best podcast editing software for every level and budget
  • Record conference calls.
  • Can schedule calls. 
  • Make unlimited calls.
  • Downloading calls are free.

Above all, podcast editing tools are unavailable for audio. Again, the quality of the recording varies.


Audio blogs in the 1980s have now spread its nickname as podcasts. It has a vast market, closing in on a dollar million run rate. But it is not high-speed broadband or the Apple iPods or smartphones that came along to success. The world is ready to gear the caption as a podcast with the rise in internet speeds. The perfect devices have made streaming podcasts times itself. Therefore, make your show more efficient and successful by choosing the right tools.

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