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Top 15 momos that will surely tempt your taste buds!

Momos! Yes, they taste too delicious and sometimes called as steamed dumplings when served in the closed box. Originally, they are native to places like Tibet, Bhutan, North, and Northeast India. Momos have become the most popular street foods in India. People are truly relishing their taste and forms in every way. You will find numerous small cafes, restaurants, stalls, and so on who are selling momos nowadays.

This cute little stuff has become the go-to snack for everyone. You can buy them at a pocket-friendly cost anywhere. Also, with a variety of stuffings, momos are usually served with dipping spicy garlic chutney/sauce and with mayonnaise at few places. Their shape can be of different types altogether. You can also think of Dim sums which are similar to momos but dim sums are made with a different kind of starch as compared to Momos. So, all momos are dim sums but not all dim sums are momos!

15 types of Momos which will make you feel heavenly!

Steamed Momos

Top 15 momos that will surely tempt your taste buds!

Imagine eating steamed momos in winters! These momos are absolutely fabulous and are cooked by the steaming process. This is the very common variety of momo and you can find them at the majority of places. These scrumptious juicy dumplings can be filled with veg stuffings of carrot, cabbage, beans, and so on. There can also be filling with panner, soy chunks, and tofu. You can also relish non-veg stuffings in these like chicken, mutton kheema, fish, pork, and prawns. Their outer covering is made of simple all-purpose flour. They are served with chilli chutney or also mint chutney.

Fried Momos

These momos develop lovely texture when fried in the oil and get golden brown. There exist two forms to make this firstly, steamed fried momos, and secondly, without steamed but fried normally. Health-conscious people have to deal with these fried momos with care as they contain high calories. But no matter, anyone can enjoy them as they are very crunchy and each bite will take you to another world. The stuffings and outer covering are the same as that of steamed momos. Also, there is another twist in this known as Kurkure momos that makes momo more crispy.

Tandoori Momos

Momos get a taste of the Indian Style Recipes and are marinated by the mixture of curd, spices, oil, and much more to make them a flavorsome in a “tandoori way”. And yes, they are prepared by the Desiness which gives them rich flavors and you can enjoy them with salads and marvelous mint and chilli chutneys. You can also try tandoori malai momos with lots of cream and yogurt.  

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Chocolate Momos


Attention to the people who have sweet tooth! Chocolate momos are one such luscious variety of momos that tastes sweet and succulent. These momos are the combination of both sweet and snack. Due to the salty flavor of its wrap and sweet bitter flavor of chocolate filling inside it, these momos will make you an instant fan.

Kothe Momos


Interestingly, they are pan-fried and have one of the key ingredients in them as fried ginger which gives them a unique taste. The filling of these momos can range according to veg and non-veg options. After all, they are inspired by the Himalayan places in Tibet and India which makes them healthy and tasty.

Chilly Momos   


These lip-smacking variety of momos are the best for those who love to eat spicily. These are also known as C-momos and prepared with hot and tangy sauces like chilli sauce, soy sauce, and tomato ketchup. These are blended in the form of manchurian variety with spring onions, bell pepper, sliced green chillies, and scallions added in it.              

Wheat Momos


One of the best options for health-conscious people lies in wheat momos. These momos’ outer covering is made from wheat instead of all-purpose flour. The plate full of wheat momos will surely be a treat to your health as well as your taste buds.

Pink Momos


These tempting momos look as if they are painted pink. But the matter of fact is that they are cleverly made pink in color just by adding beetroot juice to the dough of the momo covering. The rest of the things are similar to steamed momos.

Cheese Momos


This is really a comfort food for those who like the ting of cheese every time. These momos are exorbitantly creamy in texture. They are stuffed with crispy potatoes, golden fried onions, and baby carrots and with one extra prime ingredient which is cheese!

Jhol Momos


These piquant momos come from Kathmandu Valley. They are streamed momos which are transferred into the Jhol Achar (soup). Jhol Achar is something of a liquid texture with extravagant flavors of hot, spice, and tanginess.

Open Momos


As their name suggests, these momos are too fascinating due to its shape which has four openings. These were invented at Ghangri Sui Mai Restaurant at Kathmandu. Their open structure is designed in a way so that it becomes easier for people to pour the mouth-watering sauces into them.

Green Momos


Do you love spinach? If yes, these dainty momos are a perfect choice for you! They are made from the dough which is blended with spinach that gives them a typical green color. The stuffing inside them can be anything that suits you in veg/non-veg.

Buckwheat momos


If you want to savor the healthiest momos of all, you must choose Buckwheat momos! Actually, buckwheat is also known as ”Phaphar” or “Kuttu” and is used as the dough ingredient instead of flour. It tastes best when you eat them piping hot as they become dry when they get cold. These nutrient-packed momos will surely be a delightful treat for fitness freaks.

Dhapu Momos


These kinds of gigantic momos are referred to as Tibetian Momo and also similar to Chinese Da Pao. The outer covering of these momos is thick but with the amazing stuffings, they taste too appetizing.

Shogo Shabril Momos


These exquisite momos are very tender and delectable momos filled with mashed potato and meat. You must try this classic fusion at least once. Their wrap is slightly thick but overall it tastes fabulous when served with mint or pepper chilli chutney.

I bet you might be craving for these momos now. So, what are you waiting for? Order now from your nearby restaurant or make them at your home and enjoy it!

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