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The best ways to enjoy casino gaming as a group

A get-together with friends or colleagues is always enjoyable, but dinners, sports events or a night at a bar can get boring after some time. If you’re looking for something different, a group visit to the casino might be the right choice and make for a night of amazing memories.

In this article, we share some of the best ways to enjoy casino gaming as a group, with some tips you may want to take onboard when it comes to planning your own event.

Decide on a location

It may seem like common sense, but deciding on where to play casino games is step one and can be a challenge depending on the size of the group and where everyone is located.

You could opt for visiting the local casino or host a casino night at one of your respective homes (which could include both physical and online casino games). If you have the money for it, you could also plan a trip to a famous casino destination like Las Vegas, Atlanta or even Macau to make a holiday out of the experience.

All of this needs to be decided in advance and take into account budget, time and personal preferences of each individual. A poll on WhatsApp in the group is usually a great way to go about this, as with busy lives it can be tough to arrange a date, time and place that everyone can agree on!

Suggest a group bank roll

When you’re playing casino games on your own, you should always decide on your bank roll so you can stay on budget and not exceed what you’re comfortable spending. Of course, you can always have bank rolls as individuals, but sometimes it can be fun if you’re at the casino with others to decide on a group bank roll.

This is the amount that everyone is willing to put towards playing casino games that gets divided equally. The winnings are also equally shared, so if there are some lucky people in your crew you can benefit from their success at the casino too!

As finances can be a sensitive topic, it’s important to approach this one carefully and take everyone’s opinions on board. A group bank roll isn’t right for every get together, but it can add a lot of fun and team mentality to an event!

Consider dress code

Another aspect of casino gaming as a group that you’ll want to decide on together is the dress code. This can of course depend on the dress code of the venue you’re choosing to go to, as they may have some guidance around this.

But either way, it’s worth choosing what will be together so that everyone is clear in advance of what to wear. Smart casual is always a safe bet, although if you want to bring the glitz of the casino to your group (whether at home or in an actual casino) suggesting black tie or cocktail attire might be the way to go. It’s always nice to have an occasion to dress up and make for great photos that have others wishing they got an invite too!

Plan activities around the gaming

One of the great things about a night of casino games are all the activities that surround the actual gaming.

You should decide early on whether you want to plan a group meal either prior to playing casino games or afterward. It’s good to check whether anyone has any dietary requirements or preferences, so that you have ample time to make a booking at a restaurant that’s suitable. If you don’t want to go for a full meal, a bar with light snacks and delicious drinks might just do the trick!

Entertainment and casino games also go hand-in-hand, so do some research into what events might be going on the same evening. This can include things like live music, an artistic performance or comedy. As always, get an idea what everyone might be interested in seeing — and willing to spend — for the entertainment.

Remember to take photos!

As a final tip, remember to have a camera (or your smart device) ready to shoot! It can be easy when you’re in the moment to forget to take photos but you’re planning a night you’ll want to remember for years to come, and photos are the best way to do just that.


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