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2024’s Must-Have Earphones and Headphones: Find Your Perfect Fit

Since the pandemic, earphones and headphones have expanded beyond just being used for listening to music. You require them to engage in online meetings, enjoy better gameplay, binge-watching, and more! For that, you need high-definition headphones that are both user-friendly and of the highest quality. Here, I’m going to share with you some amazing earphones and headphones to pump up your sound experience.

8 Super Cool Headphones and Earphones

SONY WH-CH710N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones ₹1490/-

Sony earbuds are renowned for their durability and quality. The Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, part of one of its newest lines, include dual noise sensor technology and 35 hours of listening time.

side view of sound producer in headphones enjoying music at studio
side view of sound producer in headphones enjoying music at studio

The built-in Automatic Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling (AINC) technology continuously evaluates ambient sound components in the area and chooses the best noise canceling filter for your surroundings. Other improvements include hands-free calling, improved voice clarity when speaking to other phone users, and Google Assistant compatibility for voice-activated access to music and information. The plush, oval-shaped earpads of Sony headphones are comfortable for extended listening sessions. If you want to make a long-term investment in headphones, Sony is without a doubt the brand to choose.

AirPods (2nd generation) MRP ₹14100.00

There are no headphones that can compare to the quality of Airpods that Apple offers to its users. As Apple claims, AirPods work like magic. They are constantly connected and automatically turned on. Even while they are in your ears, AirPods can feel it and pause when you take them out.

Simply say “Hey Siri” and state your wish to modify or change any directions.

AirPods will, however, only offer 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of call time on a single charge, which is too little when compared to headphones of the same price. However, they developed a quick charge feature wherein 15 minutes in the case provides 3 hours of listening time.

The added speech-detecting accelerometer technology in AirPods works in conjunction with beamforming microphones to block out background noise and concentrate on the sound of your voice. Since it stands out from the competition thanks to its unique style and brand identity, AirPods are regarded as the pinnacle of wireless sound systems.

JBL Tune 760NC 5,999.00

JBL is a brand that creates high-quality sound systems and sells them to customers at reasonable prices. The same JBL sound is reproduced across all of its headphones, blasting out bass that is both deep and powerful.

The over-ear JBL Tune 760NC headphones have active noise cancellation, which shuts out unwanted noise so you can concentrate on what matters for up to 35 hours and two hours while charging.

You will get an additional two hours to listen for just a five-minute fee. They are simpler to carry because they are lightweight and foldable. The JBL 760NC can connect to two Bluetooth devices at once, ensuring that the user never misses a call on their phone while using a tablet to stream video. They come up in various colors that match the mood of their users!!

LEAF BASS 2 Wireless Headphones RS. 1,999

The vintage headphones.
The vintage headphones.

With strong 40mm speakers for HD sound, LEAF BASS 2 wireless Bluetooth headphones allow their customers to listen to their favorite tunes with more clarity. Any distortion of sound quality is minimized by a particular device speaker resistance installed. With the help of the attached microphone, it can also make and receive calls, providing you with an incredible audio experience. The battery life is fifteen hours. They contain ultra-soft cushions in the ear cups and headbands for the best comfort during extended wear. It is also gym-friendly and sweat-proof.

boAt Airdopes 601 ₹4,900.0

Whether you’re talking on the phone or listening to music, it’s time to turn off all the unnecessary noise. The Airdopes 601ANC is available to provide dual mics with ENx technology and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation up to 33 Db. The In-Ear Detection technology makes it simple for you to control playback; all you need to do is insert the earbuds to start playing music and take them out to pause it.

The ambient mode on the earphones allows you to be aware of your surroundings even as you are listening to your playlists; this is useful when you’re in a crowd or a busy area. The earbuds can play for up to 60 minutes after only 5 minutes of charging thanks to the ASAP Charge.

It is the ideal companion for your binge-watching sessions with a total playback time of up to 28 hours, including the 5.5 hours of playtime in non-ANC mode or 4.5 hours in ANC mode.

The Airdopes 601ANC provides a very immersive experience thanks to the 9mm drivers. When you open the case lid and turn on the earbuds, our IWP technology makes things simpler. In addition, Google Fast Pair enables the fastest possible pairing between them and your Android devices.

Hammer Bash  ₹1799

Looking for the best and most affordable headphones? Then you ought to pick the Hammer wireless Bluetooth folding headphones, which have a mic and a 300 mAh battery that can play music for eight hours. Bash headphones include a soft PU cushioning and an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Hammer headphones are portable and boast a strong bass, HD Sound, and an adjustable length. Hammer headphones truly provide premier earphone manufacturers with a strong challenge thanks to their built-in-mic feature, which guarantees convenient call handling.

Realme Buds Air Pro (Soul White) ₹ 4,999

Get the Realme Buds Air Pro in the fashionable cobble style with Bluetooth 5.0, smart wear detection, and a gaming mode feature for the best possible gaming experience. It offers Dual Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation for calls, 25 hours of total playback time, and water resistance.

Woman taking out a wireless earbud
Woman taking out a wireless earbud

A wear detection system that automatically plays or pauses is also included. Buds’ transparency mode makes it possible to hear what is going on around you, increase awareness, or even converse with friends while listening to music. It has a Bass Boost driver unit that offers you the feel of electronic and rock music wherever you are so you can enjoy deeper, booming bass!

OnePlus Nord Buds

Use the OnePlus Nord Buds to enjoy your music, which has special titanium dynamic drivers for deeper bass and crystal-clear sound. Its three distinct audio profiles—Bold, Bass, and Serenade—allow you to select how heavy or light you want your sound to be, which is what makes it exceptional. The brand-new OnePlus Nord Buds’ flagship-level battery life allows for up to 30 hours of nonstop audio playback on a single charge. It can be charged ultra-quickly in just 10 minutes and has 5 hours of power.

Additionally, the brand-new OnePlus Nord Buds have an AI Noise Cancellation audio system that provides precisely calibrated speech separation during calls. The software for the buds can be updated, which is typically not possible with other brands.

Given the wide range of alternatives, choosing one could be challenging.

It’s better to go for the one with better bass, battery backup and affordability.

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