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Depression Hits Mental Health

A state of mind where a person loses all strength, and is having no hope for present or future. He does not want to meet people, go out and have zero excitement in any work they do.

Depression is a mental illness. It can cause sadness, hopelessness and that sadness could be ever-lasting or it may happen to stay for a little while. Depends on the situation of the person that how deep he/she has gone with the problem.

It is an Issue

People here in India do not take it as an illness. That can have severe results as it could lead to an unfortunate death. Rather, here people take it as a taboo. It is a point which one cannot discuss, he/she should not gather such gut to talk about his/her issue.

Depression Hits Mental Health
Depression Hits Mental Health

Why not discuss Depression?

In India, people do not usually take it as a point to dwell on. They do not want to talk about it. Because this problem for them is not that valuable like other such big ones. Here it happens, with a person going with such concerning issue that nobody wants to hear them.

People either do not have time to listen to their loved ones when they need them. Else they give excuses like ‘sorry, I cannot listen to your dramas.’

It is the way how people in India deal with such concerning illness.

It is a place where people want to stay cool. Rather I should say instead of being actual cool at their mind they pretend that they are cool. This state is being pretending that they are ‘cool’ stops them from getting close to their loved ones who need them.

Usually, people who are suffering from this do not talk about their problem. However, when they do reply as a result of someone’s asking. The answer that comes from the concerned person is not relaxing to the one who is in pain.

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People usually do not recognize it

Understanding and recognizing the illness is not that easy, and for those who have never experienced anybody with the same pain or have not undergone the same. People usually confuse depression with other problems. Like mental illness, stress, memory loss, anxiety, forgetfulness and so they are unable to deal with this issue.

No heed giving to the patient, zero attention, zero discussion of his/her problems. Ultimately gives it the chance of making its place in the mind of the patient.

What does the patient needs?

  1. Exercise.
  2. Medications.
  3. Therapies.
  4. Psychiatrist.
  5. Natural Anti-depressants.
  6. Home Remedies.

Why reach others for help?

It usually happens that those who are suffering from this issue are not able to cure their problems on their own. Why depend on somebody else? Why not give your attention to solve problems? Like

1. Change daily routine

Depression could make you go through the same depressing pages of life. You could change daily routine by adding some new and entertaining things to daily schedule.

2. Make some adjustments

Adjustments are the need, stay busy with some work. Try indulging into it other than concentrating that void that happens to be there when you feel depressed. Making adjustments could help.

3. Do some exercise

Add some more movement to the depressed days by adding some exercise to daily routine. It will help in relaxing body.

4. Meditation

Meditation, on its own expresses everything. Go for meditation. It will help in relaxing mind. And this is the major thing that one directly or indirectly want for mind and body being healthy.

5. Relax

If even a little wellness is hitting, relax. Now, give a little time to relax. It is what the body need the most after all this busy and mind-shaking activities.

6. Home remedies

Try to go for some home remedies. Other than going out and seeking help at the initial step this could help in relaxing. It is seen that home remedies could help you when you are suffering from milder depression. It could not help when you are suffering from severe depression.

For the one’s who are around the sufferers

People who are a part of the patient’s life are the one’s who play the major role. Especially when they are in it. They, who do actual care about the patient are the one’s who should be there with the patient. They should not sweep off the patient when the patient needs them. When the patient comes for help on their own to them, they should listen.

They need to understand the difference between this issue and other some similar problems. Like, anxiety, forgetfulness and more as they are not the same. Depression could cause all, they could be a part of it like feeling sad, anxiety, forgetfulness but they are not the same.

They need to understand the patient’s problem. They need to counter it other than leaving the patient as it is. People need to work on it and on the one who is suffering. Otherwise, if not dealt with seriousness, it could even lead to suicide. That will leave no option behind other than regret.

Not just countering the problem helps in solving the problem when we are talking about severe depression. It could only help in mild depression. However, when we are talking about severe depression. One needs to take special care of the patient. They should never get a chance to stay alone or they should never get a chance of isolating themselves.

If possible, reach the Psychiatrist. As severe depression hits, it needs the concern of someone who is a professional in the required field. Psychiatrists know how to handle such situations with their therapies.

Depression is a mental illness, treat them with care, efforts and love. Being harsh or being rude is never going to help the patients. They need time, sympathy, attention. Other than asking them to go out and have fun, do give time to loved ones. It could be anyone brother, sister, daughter, friend, or anyone. They need care.

Srashti Srivastava
Srashti Srivastava
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