TOP 5 Crazily cold places of our planet Earth


Want to visit some crazy places for tourism? Here I present the top bone chilling places you can travel to.

Before that let me state some facts about the chilliest and hottest place on Earth (just for general knowledge). California’s Death Valley holds the position of being the hottest place with the temperature of 57 degree Celsius. And Antarctica’s Soviet Vostok Station is the coldest place with the temperature of -89.2 degree Celsius recorded till date.

Starting from the coldest place, let’s begin the ranking of the coolest places of our planet.

1) Vostok Station

Holding the first position is the Antarctica’s Soviet VostokStation which was founded by the Soviet Union in 1957. It shows the lowest natural temperature of -89.2 degree Celsius.

TOP 5 Crazily cold places of our planet Earth

People do live at Vostok. It being a research station inhabits about 25 scientists, whose number drops to 13 during extremely cold winter months. According to the recent reports, -89.2 degree Celsius can drop further to make it chillier. So certainly it will become one of those places where people cannot live year around, including scientist.

2) Oymyakon

It is the coldest permanently inhabited locales on Earth. Itis a rural locality located in the Oymakonsky district of the Sakha republic,Russia. It is named after the Oymyakon River. Its recorded average temperature is -67.7 degree Celsius.

TOP 5 Crazily cold places of our planet Earth

Over the last few decades, the population of Oymyakon has shrunk considerably. It had a peak population of around 2500 inhabitants when it was the central town of the region. But according to the recent census, the estimated population is of 500 to 900 people. The two main valleys beside Oymyakoncreate the even colder climate. The students of this area are allowed to attend school when the temperature is warmer than -55 degree Celsius.

3) Vekhoyansk

Ranking third is the town of Verkhoyansk in Verkhoyansky district Republic, Russia. It is located on the Yana River near the Arctic Circle. It is an inhabited locality with a population of about 1311 to1709 people. It is classified as a town under district jurisdiction. Its recorded coldest temperature is -67.6 degree Celsius. And during the warmest months its recorded temperature was +37.3 degree Celsius.

TOP 5 Crazily cold places of our planet Earth

This is also a river port, an airport, a fur collecting depot and the center of a reindeer-raising area. It is also home to the Pole of Cold Museum.

The interesting fact is this town holds the Guinness World record for the greatest temperature range on Earth which is 105 degree Celsius.

4) Snag, Yukon, Canada

It is a small village located on a small, dry weather sideroad off the Alaska Highway, 25 km east of Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada. It is located in a bowl shaped valley of the White River and its tributaries, including Snag Creek.

TOP 5 Crazily cold places of our planet Earth

It is a totally closed village with no inhabitants.Initially it had eight to ten First nation people or fur traders, and an additional staff of fifteen to twenty airport personnel- meteorologists, radio operators, aircraft maintenance men who lived at the airport barracks.

Its lowest temperature record was -63 degree Celsius, which was recorded on February third, 1947. Another town which was 180 km northeast of Snag, Fort Selkirk, claimed to have recorded the temperature of -65 degree Celsius, but this claim could not be confirmed. That is why Snag hold the fourth rank.

An interesting story revolving around this town is about the disappearance of the aircraft. On January 26, 1950 a Douglas C-54 Skymaster of the US air force disappeared. A total of 34 service personnel, 2 civilian and crew of 8 people were present on the flight. It disappeared during its flight from Alaska to Montana and no wreckage or remains have ever been located.Scary? IT IS!

5) Prospect Creek Airport

It is a state owned public use airport owned by the state of Alaska. It is located 5.5 km northeast of Prospect Creek in the Yukon-Koyukukarea of Alaska.

TOP 5 Crazily cold places of our planet Earth

Till now it had 498 aircraft operations.

As it is located near the prospect creek, which is a small settlement near Bettles, Alaska, therefore its recorded lowest temperature is-62-1 degree Celsius. Even this creek has the temperature which is rarely pleasurable for the visitors. Thanks to the construction of Trans Alaska Pipeline, most of the residents left this place.

After reading this, now you know about the crazily coldest places. Right? So, now you decide whether or not you would ever like to visit these places. If you do, please be safe!

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