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Aesthetic Cafes: Exploring the World of Beautiful and Instagrammable Cafes

How about starting this week with a good coffee accompanied by a beautiful view or decoration that will take the pressure off of work? I believe that your weekend can change the perception of the whole week ahead, so why not spend your weekend not only with a good coffee, but also with good decor, food and drinks that are also made for the gram or the kind of places that give meaning to the phrase “camera eats first“. As we all know, in recent years, the rise of social media has created a new trend in the coffee shop world: Instagrammable Aesthetic Cafes. From neon signs to flowery walls, these cafes have become popular destinations for anyone looking to capture the perfect photo while enjoying a cup of coffee.

So, want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then add these 15 unique and unforgettable Aesthetic cafes to your bucket list.

New York Cafe, Budapes

Pancakes and coffee on the table in a cafe.
Pancakes and coffee on the table in a cafe.

One of the most stunning cafés in the world is the New York Cafe Budapest, which is situated in the centre of the Hungarian city. It has been referred to as the “most beautiful café in the world” because to its interior decorations, which include frescoes, chandeliers, and gold leaf. The café, which was first established in 1894 as a gathering place for the literary and artistic elite of the city, has been brought back to its former splendour and is now a well-liked tourist attraction. The menu offers a range of classic Hungarian dishes, as well as pastries, coffee and other drinks.

Caffè floriana, Venice

A must-see location for every Instagram enthusiast is Caffè Florian, which is situated in the centre of Venice. Its tasteful décor and vintage furnishings radiate a timeless appeal that takes you back in time no doubt it is a must-visit spot for any Instagram lover. The lavish velvet furnishings, extravagant chandeliers, and ornate walls and ceilings provide for the ideal setting for any photograph. Equally beautiful is the café’s outside dining area, which provides gorgeous views of the square and its impressive architecture. An experience that you’ll always remember is sipping coffee or indulging in some of their mouthwatering pastries while admiring the beauty of the surroundings.

Palladio – Jaipur, India

Indian Ethnicity Drinking Cafe Break Coffee Tea Concept
Indian Ethnicity Drinking Cafe Break Coffee Tea Concept

Palladio Jaipur, which is tucked away inside the venerable Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, is a wonderful feast for the eyes. A gorgeously refurbished garden with elaborate fountains and blooming flowers surrounds the restaurant. Every nook of this magnificent facility is a work of beauty with its exquisite architecture and vivid decor—a veritable haven for any Instagram enthusiast. Palladio Jaipur offers a really memorable experience for all of your senses, whether you’re savouring the flavours of their delectable Indian food or just relaxing with a cup of tea.

Eva Cafe – Goa, India

Aesthetic Cafes
Goa, India. Fried European Bass With Potatoes And Salad On Dish

Eva Cafe Goa is a charming and comfortable cafe located in the heart of Anjuna, a popular tourist destination in North Goa. This cafe is all about aesthetics. Wherever you point your phone or camera, you’ll get a picture perfect for Pinterest. The cafe has the perfect balance of amazing food and trophic atmosphere. The bag factor is that it’s a beach view cafe with the best attention to detail you’ll see at any cafe in India. Come here before 4pm to get a table to enjoy the sunset. You’ll also find cocktails and beer. The bestsellers are the pesto pasta, shakshuka, Greek salad and vanilla shake. The cost for two people is about RS. 1,100. There is no doubt that Eva Cafe Goa is the perfect place to relax and satisfy your senses.

Note cafe, Hanoi – Vietnam

Close up of couple in a cafe
Close up of couple in a cafe

Note Cafe is the only distinctive and aesthetically attractive cafe you need to visit if you find yourself in Hanoi, Vietnam. The quirky and welcoming ambience of this endearing cafe is ideal for sipping coffee and eating a light meal while taking in Hanoi’s sights and noises. The Note Cafe’s interior is covered in a plethora of vibrant sticky notes, each of which has a handwritten note or drawing on it, giving the place a lively and upbeat ambiance. In addition to its attractive interior, Note Cafe has an affordable menu, making it a fantastic option for tourists wanting to savour delectable meals without going over budget. Typically, a light meal and drinks for two people costs around 200,000-300,000 VND (8.5-13 USD).

The Garden of Dreams – Goa, India

Empty coastal cafe overlooking the scenic ocean during a golden hour
Empty coastal cafe overlooking the scenic ocean during a golden hour

Second on the list is the Garden of Dreams Cafe, a picturesque oasis nestled in the heart of Assagao, a serene village in Arambol, North Goa, where one can relax and meet new people. As the name suggests, it is a cafe built inside a huge garden. Fun fact, the owner is a cool guy from England who built this cafe in memory of his mother and you can feel the love and care that went into it. The Garden of Dreams Cafe offers a range of delicious and healthy dishes made from local ingredients, including fresh salads, nourishing bowls and mouthwatering smoothies. There are also love music sessions held almost daily, and you can lay on a bean bag or bed to enjoy the music all day. The cost for two people is RS 800 and the wifi is very convenient for working.

Cafe Apartment – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

When it comes to coffee shops, how can we forget the Cafe Apartment, because it’s not just a coffee shop, but an entire building transformed into coffee shops. The interior of the Cafe Apartment is filled with vintage and retro decorations, including old record players, antique typewriters and vintage furniture, giving it a distinctive and elegant atmosphere. The café is also adorned with artwork and murals by local artists, adding to its eclectic charm. It is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and trendy coffeehouse experience in Seoul.

Plage Café – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A relax cafe
A relax cafe

Look no further than Plage Café for a truly magical location in Rio de Janeiro. This quaint cafe provides spectacular views of the well-known Christ the Redeemer statue while being tucked away in lush floral grounds. It’s difficult to resist the idyllic environment, which is further enhanced by the green pool and limestone cliffs. Even it might be the best food you’ve ever had. So if you want to enjoy Rio de Janeiro’s natural splendour and old-world charm, stop by Plage Café and take in the enchanted ambiance.

Cafe kalimpong – West Bengal, India

How about sitting in an aesthetically pleasing cafe, sipping coffee accompanied by a breathtaking view of the mountains? Then you must visit Cafe Kalimpong in West Bengal. It is also a hidden and underrated gem, which is usually not mentioned in blogs. But if you go there, it could be the best cup of coffee of your life, with such a natural aesthetic. You will also find a refreshing and refined Darjeeling tea to enjoy. The most popular dishes are Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine, as well as Churpee, a type of cheese made from yak milk.

Cafe central,Vienna, Austria

Café interior
Café interior

Vienna’s Café Central is a real piece of history. Its elaborate decor will take you to the city’s heyday thanks to its glittering chandeliers and marble columns. The delicate pastries and cakes here are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet taste, and it’s the ideal place to have a cup of coffee while admiring the magnificence of the surroundings. Bring a camera if you want to record the splendour of this famous café. It is understandable why Café Central has been a beloved hangout for intellectuals, artists, and writers for more than 150 years.

Chom Café – Chiang Mai, Thailand

A wonderful hidden gem, Chom Café in Chiang Mai, Thailand, like a mysterious natural park straight out of a fairy tale. You’ll be welcomed by lush jungle gardens as you arrive, complete with spiralling trees and stunning waterfalls. While sipping your coffee, you might half expect pixies and elves to appear from the shadows due to the enchanting ambiance. The cafe’s rustic furnishings and inviting seating areas only enhance the enchanted atmosphere, making it the ideal spot to unwind. The menu offers a wide range of mouthwatering Thai and international dishes, as well as a fantastic selection of drinks.

Boat Shed Café – Lochgoilhead, Scotland

This café provides breathtaking views of the lake and the hills in the area. The café’s location in a vintage boat shed adds to the area’s rustic appeal and personality. It’s the ideal place to unwind and have a cup of coffee or tea because of its welcoming ambience and comfortable seating places. You may spend hours taking many photos of the stunning surroundings thanks to its perfect location on the water’s edge, or you can just enjoy a leisurely stroll down the shore. The menu features a selection of hearty sandwiches, baked goods, and beverages that are all produced using ingredients that are fresh and obtained locally.

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Blue Water – Koh Tao, Thailand

With the turquoise Gulf of Thailand in full view, Koh Tao’s Sairee Beach is lined with beachfront cafes that are perfect for Instagram snap. A jewel among them is the Blue Water Café. With its quick, dependable wifi and affordable avocado on toast, the café is ideal for people who want to work and unwind at the same time. When the sun goes down, Blue Water becomes a cosy beach bar where you can enjoy some drinks and small bites while taking in the magnificent sunset. With its beautiful views and laid-back beach shack atmosphere.

Café de Flore, Paris

Cafe interior
Cafe interior

Café de Flore is a Paris landmark that has been captivating locals and tourists alike for more than a century. The city of Paris even itself is one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world. You’ll be transported to a different time period as soon as you enter thanks to the refined red velvet seating, elaborate art nouveau design, and unmistakable sense of luxury. This ancient café is a must-visit for anyone looking for a sense of old-world splendour, whether you’re savouring a hot espresso, indulging in a delectable pastry, or people-watching from the outside seating area.

Este Leisure, Bali

If you’re a fan of aesthetic restaurants and are looking for a place to have a light lunch or brunch in Umalas, then I highly recommend checking out this Moroccan-themed restaurant, Este Leisure. This magical destination boasts a whimsical ambiance that’s straight out of a fairytale, complete with enchanting decor and stunning backdrops. They have various spots for taking pictures and all of them look cute, colored in pastel. The food and beverages is delicious and yummy here.

Vintage Arabic oriental cafe. Place to relax on beach Ras Umm El Sid of Red Sea. Sharm El Sheikh, Eg
Vintage Arabic oriental cafe. Place to relax on beach Ras Umm El Sid of Red Sea. Sharm El Sheikh, Eg

There are many Aesthetic Cafes across the world that are attractive to the eye and ideal for Instagram and social media fans. Every café, from the old-fashioned ones in Paris to the coastal shacks in Thailand, has its own special allure and beauty. These cafés not only provide a beautiful backdrop for taking beautiful photos, but they also offer a warm and welcoming environment where people can unwind and enjoy delectable food and beverages. These stylish cafes are definitely worth investigating and experiencing, whether you are a coffee enthusiast, a foodie, or a social media influencer.

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