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Content Streaming Aggregators – Why Your Notification Piles Up!

Any form of streaming service today is of prime importance. Music, movies, series, and even the choice of videos have changed the. The entertainment industry has revolutionized to bring a change.

It has not only spurt normal consumer dynamics but has also molded provider dynamics, to behave accordingly. Today audio, video, and reading content are abundant. The availability of innumerable options seems overwhelming now. Every few seconds a new one pops up, theatre visits have lessened, for instance.

The option of watching a movie releasing on the same day, from the comfort of your drawing is far better than overspending on hall ticket and traveling a distance. This seems to be good right?

Well, for a while it does. Once you miss getting in accordance with the application the notifications keep piling up. Because with each new account added a new bill is made aware.

.Content Streaming Aggregators
Content Streaming Aggregators - Why Your Notification Piles Up!

Stress is where streaming services are jumping back and forth. With the type of content they deliver, companies analyze this back and forth movement as an undeniable value proposition.

Instead of focusing on acquiring content, streaming applications offer subscription offers to consumers. But, all they do is create expansion possibilities with expanded subscription options.

There are perks in terms of huge revenue. A customer is gifted with better user experience. Nothing can beat the comfort of using a streaming application, allowing your favorite content at your convenience. Aggregators use artificial intelligence-driven recommendation engine.

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Aggregator – A Win-Win Solution

Small streaming services take time to find the key audience. A profitable future is only a satisfactory claim. It has a Win-Win solution for all the parties involved. For small streaming applications engines are not as crazy as a new. To reach the audience at large, enormous fuelling towards a better engine drive experience is forecasted.

Here comes the role of an aggregator. Content aggregator meaning is simple. Aggregators allow the streaming options to be available in more than one place. As a result, brands generate bigger profits and expand by revenue share model. This way an aggregator help increase the subscription ecosystem. The most common content aggregators in India rather content aggregator company, Dailyhunt, and Inshorts drive huge user databases in terms of news and current affairs.

Content Streaming Aggregators - Why Your Notification Piles Up!
Content Streaming Aggregators - Why Your Notification Piles Up!

The overall range of products reaches a wider area. Small services do not generate much without aggregators. The dream of “today small to tomorrow big” is not possible without an aggregator today.

Working Of Aggregator

The aggregator based model has been practiced since long. Companies have profited in terms of shaping revenue. HBO for example has a reputation for providing quality content. It has also been a leader when it comes to PayTV. In other words, HBO offers a worldwide OTT subscription service. This subscription was not a hindrance from expanding content, sharing with other streaming platforms.

Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and even Hulu movie have HBO subscriptions available through content aggregator platforms. Here come the perks of being the leader. The same is available for many other players in the industry who have a contract with HBO and take it a fair play in distributing the content outside their main application.

This involves a revenue share strategy. OTT platforms require careful consideration in ways people move around. Some of us have both Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions. Most Of our goes wondering whats on Netflix movies, whats on Amazon Prime.

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Difficulty In Content Search

Subscription is easy and showing off a Netflix, Amazon Prime account pays well. The major hassle of subscribing to multiple platforms include finding convenient content. Even after having a Disney subscription or Netflix subscription you may have to switch application to application looking for your favorite content.

Content Streaming Aggregators - Why Your Notification Piles Up!
Content Streaming Aggregators - Why Your Notification Piles Up!

This acts as a challenge and leads to one of the most time-consuming tasks. Slowly you may be left out from the social groups. The dynamic representation of entertainment is business and entertainment represented in your social groups comes with hard work.

Once you find it difficult to switch streaming options, you leave behind content and opportunity that others may be watching. Being a part of an aggregator offers significant improvement, also enhances consumer choice preference.

All the leading content providers have installed aggregators. Aggregation is the big future. You don’t have to rush and spend your entire day looking for the desired content and make your time worth the money you spent on the subscription.

Once you are off work, you wonder whats on Netflix, whats on Amazon Prime. Aggregation makes you choose smart with the best shows on Netflix. Many times service providers crunch all the services we can provide all together in order to assess the market and may lose key audiences.

For brands, it is important to carefully choose the line of content fitting your audience, and not just supply popcorn flix. Desire is prediction, and prediction is reality.

In order to provide better user experience, the deciding factor should be a prediction. Where artificial intelligence in aggregators make it handy and no human time is wasted. Comfort is first, content is second – Motto of an aggregator. If you are a fan of killer series, the aggregators make sure you are notified of existing and upcoming killer series.

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Content Aggregation And It’s Working

Ever wondered how the list of movies on Netflix, or best episodes on vh1 pop up that easy? Content aggregators work towards the main aspect of the platform, towards lurking users. Some aggregators focus on gathering materials from various sources to be published on the website, and some work towards capturing and distributing content to suit customer needs.

Content Streaming Aggregators - Why Your Notification Piles Up!
Content Streaming Aggregators - Why Your Notification Piles Up!

The latter process is known as syndication. Syndication offered by content aggregator company includes StreamingMedia, Moreover, and ISyndicate. These indicators use an extensible markup language (XML) format to make it easy for aggregators to aggregate content and redistribute.

For example, talking about StreamingMedia, it has an online syndicate itself. As a part of syndication, it acts as an intermediary between the creators of content and the websites wanting to feed them to the customers. StreamingMedia is a content aggregator website that feeds news from traditional news buyers such as briefme.com. It is basically a business-to-business aggregator. Websites using news feed to fill website pages can readily assess the interface.

Essentially this aggregator sites repost and collect the content so its viewers are fed with various media options, such as design, marketing, business, lifestyle, health, and the like.

These are set up automatically through RSS feeds. Another example can be of rotten tomatoes. Movie reviews from different blogs and sites are available in one place. As a part of content aggregation, the original source and proper credit is a primary lookout. If you find the content source is undefined, that’s actually copyright infringement.


These days OTT platforms are using another aggregator named Flixjini. This aggregator is primarily used by Amazon Prime and Netflix to drive user choice across the base.

Flixjini is the trip advisor for audiovisual content on the streaming devices. It makes algorithmic suggestions of content across various platforms. The streaming platforms are able to provide more than 2000 movies and 500 + TV shows.

Disney + Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have collectively uploaded 50,000 + movies 12000 Plus TV shows or 20,000 + seasons and 6 lacs episodes. How do you decide to choose from them?

The numbers seem overwhelming when you do not know the idea behind it. To make better utility of this lockdown, a technology that includes Netflix Party and BingeIt has come around from its caves. 

The Bottom Line

The content aggregator business model is growing globally. Basically, aggregators are the lifelines of online streaming giants. As you interact constantly with the recommendation engine, your experience increases. High performing aggregators never let you miss a movie. The aggregators build a unified queue.

A content aggregator software either gathers or distributes. Online content streaming channels are competing towards becoming the next Netflix. Smarter choices have led these channels to believe the difference between being a production company and owning an aggregator.

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