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Instagram Apps: Apps That Are Revolutionizing Social Media

You can’t get into a room if you don’t have a key to its lock. Similarly, you can’t use personalized Instagram features without an account. Moreover, Instagram demands to create an account before using it. So, you start by creating a brand new account first. You can create an account either by using your phone number or your e-mail id. You may also use your existing facebook id to sign up on Instagram. Create a username and a strong and safe password to keep your content safe. You may add your photo as a profile picture. This helps your friend identify you. Once you have created your account, sign in, and start exploring its features.

Apart from adding your profile picture, you can give a small introduction too. Add your name. Write something about yourself in your bio. It can probably be thought too. You may also add a website about your works. Some people draw or write as a leisure activity. You may share them or add a website that displays your art. Then start to explore your friend’s list. Grant access to Instagram to check your contact list. This will automatically give you suggestions for your known people.

Then send a follow request to them and enjoy being connected. Now, when you know how to enter the room, go in and explore. There are so many Instagram apps that are available on the app store. Some of them are mentioned below:

Get the best photo editing feature using VSCO Instagram app

If you are looking for an Instagram app that gets you the best photo editing experience, this is one. The filter is one most important thing that come to mind while talking about editing. VSCO app has got a wide variety of filters and editing tools. Beautifying tools like sharpness, saturation, and contrast can be properly adjusted. People are often particular about skin tone. This app lets you change the skin tone of your picture.

Beautiful stylish girl using Instagram apps
Beautiful stylish girl using Instagram apps

The exposure and clarity of the pictures can also be changed. These features make it an interesting photo editing app. Apart from photos; you can also edit your small videos or gif(s). Instagram users often upload their pictures as hashtag VSCO edited. So, this is very popular among users.

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Snapseed – Professional editing skill awaits you

Talking of photo editing skills, snapseed is the next Instagram app that allows you to do this. Some people work professionally on these editing skills. At times, you require some part of the photo to be cut off. You want some objects to be removed from the photo. This app lets you do this. You can easily remove items that you want in your picture. Also, the editing tools provided by this app are way too good. You may adjust the geometry of buildings. An add on advantage is that the snapseed app works well on jpg and raw files.

Play with a wider and vibrant outlook using a Color Story app

There are many apps in the market that work on light textures. This Instagram app namely a color story puts more vibrant effects. It has filters and editing tools that are inspired by professionals. It has a whole lot of ideas provided by photography influencers. The color story emphasizes more on vibrant and bright backgrounds. It is awarded the title as ‘the app of the day’.

You can give a brand look to your picture using some custom filters and tools. It gives you trending editing styles. You get a new look for your picture. And pictures edited by the color story are widely liked by people on Instagram. It is one of the best choices for photographers and editing lovers.

Enjoy a great photo mixing experience using Layout Instagram Apps

Instagram Apps: Apps That Are Revolutionizing Social Media
Instagram Apps: Apps That Are Revolutionizing Social Media

Everybody is interested in sharing a lot of memories at a time. You capture all the moments when you go on a trip. Then you wish to share each picture captured. But sharing all the pictures individually will flood up your stories update. So, in such cases, you can resort to making a collage. A collage is one where you can put together several pictures. The layout is one such Instagram app. It gives you several layout and collage pattern to fit up your photos. You can fit nine photos at a time from your phone’s memory or camera. You can adjust the dimensions accordingly. Then add filters and do some editing to get a perfect post.

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Use Priime to receive some good editing

A professional is always keen in knowing new technology. Similarly, a professional photographer keeps looking for new apps to edit their captures. This Instagram app is best for raw and now raw photos. If you are looking for some high-resolution editing tricks, this app is one. You can creatively add filters and resolution to edit your picture. Also, this app applies the same edits to the entire video. You get to play with vibrant colors. This app gives you so many color options to add to your picture. You get to work with professional-grade working tools.

Make a small video using Boomerang app

Several video tools come as Instagram apps. One such tool is a boomerang app. You might want to make a small video like a gif. Boomerang does the same task. It takes ten pictures at a time and makes a video out of it. This small video moves back and forth and has duration as of a gif. All you need to do is long-press a button in the centre.

You can capture your video using either front or rear camera. Users use it to share a moment. At times, they use it to capture a signature step. It looks absolute cheer to the viewer’s eyes. Making a boomerang is funny and cheerful. It gives you a real look without any requirement of editing.

Inshot – An app that works for both images and videos

Inshot is an Instagram app that works for both, images and videos. You get to edit both of them on the same platform. It works better for videos. You get to work with so many editing options. If you like to trim some parts of it, you can easily do it. If you like to merge your video, you can do that too. You can give your video a brand new look by working upon its brightness. Adjusting brightness and saturation levels make it better to view.

If you wish to upload a cooking video, this app is for you. You’ll require adjusting the speed while giving recipes. Adjustment of speed, flipping the video, everything can be done with this app. To make it look more attractive, you can add stickers to it.

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