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35 Creative Blog Post Ideas

Are you getting bored sitting at home during the lockdown period? Why not try starting a blog of your own? Or you have it already, but not sure of what to write? Well, there are a variety of blog ideas you can try to keep yourself and your readers and engaged.

I have listed down 35 most creative blog post ideas that you can try this quarantine to keep your boredom at bay.

1. Top 5 people who have inspired you

Write about the top 5 people in your life who have been your greatest inspiration. You can add more numbers to your list if you like. Describe the thing that inspired you about them and how it helped you shape your personality.

2. Share a list of things that motivates you

Describe a list of things that fuels your will power and motivates you to keep going in life. It can be about people, places, and fictional characters of movies or books. Readers will be able to relate to some of them.

3. Write about the top 10 inspirational books

Make a list of the top 10 books that have inspired you and describe it in short. And do not forget to write a takeaway from each of your books. You can mention which part of the book you loved the most and why.

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4. Share a list of inspirational quotes

Share a list of your favorite inspirational quotes that give you goosebumps every time you read. Keep the list short so that it engages the readers to the end of your blog post.

5. Make a goal-setting planner

Make a planner for your readers that will guide them whenever they feel lost. For example, you can set a book reading planner, blog post planner, or a study planner for your readers.

6. Share an inspiring photo post

Share some pictures on your blog that you found inspiring. It’s a bonus if you yourself have clicked the pictures. Note that the picture should be able to convey an inspirational message to your readers.

7. Write about top 5 bloggers of your niche that have inspired you

Write about the top 5 bloggers of your niche who have inspired you through their work. You can also add some unique blogging tricks about each one of them. Ultimately, it is the originality that distinguishes a blogger from the others. So try to discover that and convey it to your readers.

8. Top 10 movies that have been your all-time inspiration

Write about your favorite top 10 movies that inspired you a lot. You can highlight some relevant points related to its characters. You can highlight their weaknesses and how they defeated them.

9. Write about your favorite motivational speakers

Write individual blog posts about some of your favorite motivational speakers. You can make a blog post series where you can post about each one of them every week.

10. Share success stories of people from a humble background

Write success stories of people who come from a humble background. Highlight their struggles and difficulties and how they rose above it. You can write it in the form of a feature article or an interview.

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11. Write about what makes your blog unique

There are umpteen numbers of blogs today on internet. And there might also be many blogs related to your niche. So it is very important to let your readers know what makes your blog unique from others. What is it that makes your blog stand out in the crowd? Write about it.

12. Start a discussion

Strike a conversation in a post and allow readers to give their views on it, engaging them in an interesting discussion. You can also start a poll on a topic related to your niche. Readers will definitely enjoy this and will not sever ties with your blog.

13. Write a 1000 word photo article

Putting fresh content into her blog.
Putting fresh content into her blog.

There is a well known saying – “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Why not try this literally once? Post a picture on your blog and write a 1000 word blog post on it. Choose a picture that is meaningful and conveys a deep message. This is a very creative way to engage your readers.

14. Set up a contest in your blog

You can host some fun contests or giveaways in your blog to keep your readers engaged. A small reward for the winners of the contest will keep your readers coming for more. It can be about anything, but topics related to a specific niche will be more ideal.

15. Share jokes related to your niche

Sometimes informational blog posts can bring monotony to your blog, which may bore your readers. So try posting some of the best jokes from your niche and bring the humor back. You can host some fun games as well.

16. Write a book or product review

Write reviews of some of your favorite books on your blog. This will attract a lot of book lovers to your blog and will help increase your site’s traffic. You can also review other products on your blog, like movies, workshops, places, etc…

17. Write a beginner’s guide to post

Create a ‘beginner’s guide to’ post related to your niche. This will help your readers to understand the motive of your blog one step at a time. In case your blog is of a general niche, you can create a beginner’s guidepost on any topic in general.

18. Create an ‘ultimate guide to’ post

Write an ‘ultimate guide to’ post for a topic related to your niche. In this, you can describe everything that readers would want to know about their topic of interest. Do a good research on it and write it in a simple way for them to understand.

19. Share a skill you have learned recently

Talk about a skill that you have learnt recently. Share it in the form of a guide post or in the form of a listicle. What can be a more good time than this quarantine to learn a new skill?

20. Write a FAQ related to your blog

Note down some of the general questions asked by your readers related to your blog. And create a FAQ section in your blog where you can clear their queries in an organised way. Trust me; it will be really helpful for them to understand your blog more.

21. Share success stories

Girl shooting the video for blog
Girl shooting the video for blog

What are some of the success secrets of popular bloggers? And what is that one uncommon thing that has worked for you in your journey (if you have a successful blog)? Share about this in detail. Let your readers know about the secret sauce of success of some of the eminent bloggers.

22. Write about some common misconceptions

There might be a number of misconceptions related to your niche and industry. Throw light on those areas and clear them. This will bring clarity to the minds of your readers and keep them hooked to your blog more often.

23. Write an A – Z guide post about a blog topic

This is a very unique blog post idea and will be really fun to write. Start from A and stick to the same topic till you reach Z. Find those ‘perfect’ words that will fit into the content of your blog post.

24. A lesson you learned

Write about something that did not work for you and you failed. There are times when we fail because of our mistakes, and avoiding the same would perhaps bring success to it. Share the things they should avoid making so that it works for them.

25. Explain something with simplicity

Many websites have their content loaded in jargon words. This is why many times readers find themselves in a tight spot while going through the content. Express a topic of your niche in a very simplified manner, which will help your readers get a better understanding of the subject of interest.

26. Write a list of unusual phobias

List out some of the unusual phobias that you know have existed to date. Perform good research about the phobias and describe how it affects humans. Specify their causes properly. The information should be accurate and scientific.

27. List some of the weird rituals of the world

Write a blog post consisting of a list of weird and throat-drying rituals of different tribes and cultures on the planet. There are many rituals that still continue to occur in some of the remote tribes of the world. Find and mention them too.

28. List out some lesser-known myths and bust them

Write about some lesser-known myths that exist and bust them with scientific facts. Note that the facts need to be true and logical enough to bust the myths.

29. Write about some unknown and rare disorders

Write a post on some rare and unknown diseases or disorders and point out their symptoms. You can write about them in the form of listicles, with detailed explanations and information.

30. Talk about some of the most mysterious places in the world

List out some of the most mysterious places in the world, both known as well as unknown ones. Anything ‘mysterious’ can attract a lot of readers to your blog as people like knowing about ‘weird’ and ‘mysterious’ kinds of stuff.

31. Write about some weird habits

Write a blog post on some of the weirdest habits that human beings can have. Is their any any scientific reason behind it? Or does it tell anything about their personality? Write about it in detail.

32. Talk about some peculiar type of accidents in history

Describe some accidents that have occurred in a peculiar manner in history. For example – A woman who died from make-up, people dying because of molasses, etc… There are many bizarre accidents like this. Try finding them out.

33. List some of the creepiest museums in the world

Intrigue your readers with a blog post on some of the creepiest museums of the world. This can be a great way to increase your blog’s traffic.

34. Talk about some of the bizarre medical practices in history

Do a research of some of the bizarre medical practices that have occurred in History, and write a blog post on it. You can also add the counter results it caused.

35. Write about some disturbing cases of real-life exorcisms

This can an interesting read for readers who love to know about mysteries and horror stuff. There have been instances of exorcism in real life in the past and there are some movies too based on it. Make a thorough research about them and post it in your blog.

So these were some of the creative blog post ideas which you can try to keep your blog flourishing. If you have more ideas in mind, feel free to share them in comments. We would love to read them.

Chitrotpala Chaitali Dash
Chitrotpala Chaitali Dash
Everytime a koel sings, a flower blossoms and a tree speaks, I bloom a little. I am a pluviophile with an old soul, who loves petrichor, poems and a cup of tea, and believes that we all are made up of stardust and carry a little magic within us.


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