22 Unique Kinds Of Tea Leaves

Fresh tea leaves on plantations
Fresh tea leaves on plantations

Tea is a great part of all traditions and cultures. So, here is a list of top and unique kinds of tea leaves available all over the world. If you are a tea person, then trust me, you may find various forms of your tea. 

Why Is Tea So Important ?

When it comes to starting the day, the first thing that clicks our head is tea. Tea has become a great starter for almost any situation. When we meet our friends, we ask them to hangout at a tea stall. Whenever we wake up, the first thing that we need for being in senses is tea. In the evening time, we have a variety of snacks that compliment tea. So, tea has a major role in our lives, both psychologically and ritually.

Unique Kinds Of Tea Leaves

There are numerous kinds of tea leaves, all made with different ingredients and at different places. Their importance at every place is different. So, here is a list of some unique kinds of tea leaves available in the world. 



Primarily being one of the most special types of tea is Kukicha. The unique thing about this is that one can collect it as a byproduct or residue of tea production. It is rarely caffeinated. 

Butterfly Pea Flower

One can get misguided by the term, but it is an age- old drink of South- East Asia. Furthermore, one can significantly reduce the chances of getting blood sugar by consuming this tea.


A traditional Japanese drink (not available in any other part of the world), Kokeicha has a beautiful appearance. Another tea obtained as a residue of tea production, it has a soothing texture and fragrance

Yerba Mate 

An age- old beverage of South America, it indeed holds a great amount of traditional and cultural importance. The tea leaves of Yerba Mate are extracted from the holly tree, which grows in the rainforests.

Purple Tea

A great option in the list of unique kinds of tea leaves, it is a must try tea. Originally grown by the small cultivators of Kenya, it is a beautiful and refreshing tea with an attractive purpl-ish hue. 

Sencha Tea

Another variety obtained from Japan is the very famous Sencha tea. It is a variety of ryokucha in Japan. A great option to lose weight, it also has a way with dealing with chronic illnesses.

Green Rooibos

Considered as a type of green tea (famous for its weight loss abilities), Green Rooibos is rich in antioxidants, proving to be very beneficial. Contrary to the mesmerizing green color of green tea, it is dark in color.

Raspberry Tea

Herbal tea with mint and lemon. Tea cup and teapot
Herbal tea with mint and lemon. Tea cup and teapot

A classic tea more to be treated as a medicine, raspberry tea is a powerhouse of various nutrients and antioxidants. Moreover, it boasts the overall metabolism of the body.

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Butter Tea

Breakfast setting sandwiches with butter, thyme, ginger and tea with honey
Breakfast setting sandwiches with butter, thyme, ginger and tea with honey

Commonly known as po cha in China, it is an everyday beverage for the people of China, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Ladakh. The prime ingredients used in this tea are the leaves, yak butter and salt.

Lemon Balm Tea

A great tea with a magical tinch of lemon, it is one of the greatest kinds of tea. One can consume lemon balm tea for curing the problems related to their gut health.

Pu-erh Tea

A fermented tea primarily obtained from the Yunnan Province of China, it tastes like boiled mushrooms. Regardless of the taste, pu- erh tea has the power to enhance your eyesight. 

Chrysanthemum Tea

By the name itself, it is clear that the tea is made up of the beautiful flowers Chrysanthemum, generally growing in East Asia. not only this, but this floral tea has a sweet taste and fragrance.

Brown Rice Tea

One of the truly unique kinds of tea of the world, the name itself speaks up. In this, the tea bags contain brown rice in roasted form, which are then dipped in boiling water. 

Oolong Tea

One of the famous kinds of tea leaves is the oolong tea. An oxidized tea, the range of oxidation ranges from low to very high. Depending on this, the colors vary from light yellowish to mustard yellow in terms of intensity.

Honeybush Tea

This tea is a celebrated beverage of South Africa. With an intense taste and texture, it is non- caffeinated. The flavor is similar to Rooibos, and is also considered as its cousin.

Cha Yen

A classic beverage originally from Thailand, Cha yen is a true example of the fact that tea can be adaptable too. Moreover, it is a variety of iced tea. Not only this, but it has a tinge of sugar, star anise, milk and sugar, making it highly delicious.

Chaga Tea

Another mushroom tea in the list of unique kinds of tea leaves is the chaga tea. There is a variety of mushrooms called Chaga mushrooms, which are boiled to get the tea. It was originally from Siberia.

White Tea

Rich in antioxidants and other healthy benefits, white is synonymous to ‘anti- aging tea’. The color of this tea is not exactly white, but it’s near to golden white, making it look heavenly and the taste is surely unforgettable.

Da Hong Pao

One of the ancient kinds of tea leaves is the Da Hong Pao. Originated from China, the amazing feature about this tea is its effective weight loss properties. Also, it is one of the most expensive teas as it may cost you $10,000 a pot.

Artichoke Tea

A classic tea with the name artichoke tea, the surprising thing about this is that it doesn’t involve the vegetable. Instead, it contains the stalk, leaves (dried) and roots of the artichoke.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelions are beautiful yellow flowers, which denote liveliness and energetic spirit, and so is the tea. The tea is light yellow in color with a refreshing taste and beautiful appearance.

Essiac Tea

Last in the list of unique kinds of tea leaves is essiac tea. Being an age- old and cultural drink of Ojibwa, it belongs to Chippewa (an Indian- North American tribe). Moreover, it tastes slightly bitter, with a flavor like grass.

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