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An A-to-Z Guide to Cracking Interviews: Best Interview Books for Everyone!

You finally succeed in founding the ideal organization perfect for your future. With your job resume and overall experience in tow, you send the application and get the coveted call. Then what’s next? The Interview- most important thing for getting the desired job!

Cracking the interview, no doubt, is the most vital step in getting the job. An interview is the perfect chance to showcase your talent, experience, and appropriateness for the job. Success completely relies on one’s preparation, performance as well as proper follow-up after the interview. 

Let’s understand how one can crack the interview in a perfect way:

  • Market yourself with confidence to let interviewers understand your strengths and expertise areas clearly
  • HRs and managers expect applicants to answer honestly under any situation as that shows their truthfulness
  • Listen and think properly before giving any answer to leave a good impression in the mind of an interviewer
  • Be ready to answer few intensive behavioural questions as these questions test the ability of the candidate to handle responsibility and resources
  • Be informative, however, try your best to convert the job interview to a discussion. The interviewer must feel as a part of your interaction so describe your answers as much as you can
  • Give specific answers instead of giving generic responses. Companies nowadays choose candidates who give accurate details rather than unclear facts
  • Personality is also important so try to build a good bond with the interviewer. The interpersonal skills of a person play an imperative role when working with any company since they have to communicate with their co-workers on a regular basis. 

Books to Ace the First Round of Interview

Read on to check the books that can help you in preparing for the first round of interview:

Presence by Amy Cuddy

In today’s fast-paced world, every piece of information can be assessed by just searching on Google. Presence by Amy Cuddy is a book that talks everything about how you can present yourself during the interview- your posture, clothing, and presence. In this book, Amy Cuddy has distilled her complete experience, which will help you in knowing how to use your energy along with personality to remain confident at the time of the interview. This book will help those who are preparing for job interviews. The guidelines presented in this book will surely be going to help the applicant in creating a great impression. 

The Art of the Interview by James Storey

Published in the year 2016 by James Storey, this book gives interview advice to candidates who wish to crack toughest job interviews. Even, the book also gives expert tips in creating a job-winning portfolio, dressing sense as well as strategies for staying motivated. Anyone looking for in-depth knowledge to crack interviews must read this book once. 

ACED by Gerald Ratigan

It’s the perfect book highly recommended for introverts that face many issues with job interviews or have fear of failure. The author shares his experiences very well, the things he did right and wrong to help people avoid such mistakes. Also, he shares his own tricks for impressing the interviewer.

ACED book can help one in improving their negotiating skills and to get the desired job and promotion at their present job. Gerald Ratigan used his years of experience as the job candidate and hiring manager both to help people get their dream job. 

Books to Ace Situational Interviews

Read on to check the books that can help you in preparing for a situational interview:

Behavioural Interview Blueprint by Vidal Graupera

This book can help you to ace your job interview as it will provide you with the insights to showcase your talent, experiences, and unique traits effectively. In this book, you will understand how to recognize relevant behaviour traits, evaluate job descriptions, and create compelling success narratives.

You will also come across unusual questions, overcome interview stress, as well as learn how to adapt to diverse interviewing contexts. In this book, you will:

  • Learn effective methods to crack your job interviews
  • Gain enough self-confidence to showcase your exceptional skills. 

The Competency Question Book for Job Interviews by Mike New

This book will help people who face issues in answering competency job questions like when did you last deliver great customer service or worked well in your team etc. The book talks about the most common test competencies as well as give hundreds of examples. Those who struggle in answering competency questions whether in an interview state or on job application forms must read this book. 

Get That Job by Thea Kelley

Get That Job Book is a package of everything you want to have the best interview. In today’s time, one has to be authentic and strategic both for persuading employers that you are the one they are in hunt of. This book is perfect for you:

  • If you haven’t given any interviews from a long time
  • If you don’t ever feel confident at the time of giving an interview
  • If you had gone through various interviews but didn’t receive any job offer

Books to Ace Technical Interview

Read on to check the books that can help you in preparing for a technical interview:

Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Created by Gayle Laakmann McDowell, the book has 189 programming questions. The book’s first part focuses on things such as preparing for the job interview, the process of the interview, and behavioural questions. The second part has 189 programming questions that are asked during technical interviews. 

Programming Interviews Exposed by John Mongan, Noah Kindler, and Eric Giguere

In this book, one will be going to learn the complete procedure of coming up with great solutions. Also, the book tackles outdated technical interview issues such as data structures as well as algorithms. Above all, Programming Interviews Exposed book will explain you how to prove your skills under high pressure. 

Coding Interviews: Questions, Analysis & Solutions by Harry He

Coding Interviews written by Harry He has all the coding interview questions that are asked in different software companies. Firstly, you will get to know about the programming language basics, algorithms, and data structures. Secondly, you will learn the ways to write quality code and the tips to solve difficult technical problems. Also, you will learn a number of methods for optimizing the code. The book covers all the soft skills one may require to ace any technical interview. 

Books to Ace HR Interviews

Read on to check the books that can help you in preparing for an HR interview:

HR Interview Secrets by Allan Collins

A great book to ace the HR interview is not only for people going to appear in an interview but for all who are working actively in an organization too. This book will explain how to perfectly stand out from other applicants. You will learn tips that may help you to feel more confident while answering interview questions.

Also, you will come to know about other few things that are important to keep in mind while attending interviews such as appearance and attire. 

60 Seconds and You’re Hired by Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan is the author of the book which is perfect for cracking HR interviews. The book, no doubt, has helped many job seekers to perform well in interviews and get their desired HR job. 

The book has more than 125 answers to tricky questions that employers often ask during the interview. Below-given are few benefits of reading this book:

  • How to handle behavioural interview questions
  • Questions you must always ask and the ones that need to be avoided
  • How to effectively deal with salary-related questions 
  • Interview drawbacks to avoid

301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions by Vicky Oliver

In today’s time, how one performs in the interview can either make or break the hiring possibilities. It’s the best book that has some quirky questions too employers sometimes ask to weed out candidates. This book will also explain how to answer the questions with intelligence and a certain flair to beat other job applicants. 

Books to Ace the Interview with Founders, Co-Founders and CEOs

Read on to check the books that can help you to ace the interview with the company founders:

Amazing Interview Answers by Richard Blazevich

The book is perfect to crack the toughest interview process. Amazing Interview Answers has everything you require to get success in every interview. The author has included steps to help people prepare for the interview in a proper way. Also, he included guidelines for researching jobs and frameworks to prepare the interview answers.

The book is full of great questions that are usually asked by the interviewer. In addition to this, the book also provides insider instructions like what one should and should not speak during the interview.

The Art of the Interview by James Storey

This book by James Storey’s is designed to help job seekers deliver great answers to common interview questions. The book encompasses practical tips to craft well-rounded as well as convincing answers to all kinds of interview questions. Also, it details vital aspects of interviewing like nonverbal cues, anxiety reduction strategies, and communication skills.

In short, The Art of the Interview book help in boosting one’s confidence to get their dream job. 

Success in Interview by Anand Ganguly

Written by Anand Ganguly, the book uses simple language to explain the process of an interview and important techniques for cracking the interview. The direct description of what the interviewee must do or not do including the important qualities that need to be sharpened before attending the interview is what the candidate must expect from this amazing book.

Summing Up

Let’s end up this guide with the hope that it will be going to help you in choosing the best book for your interview. Job interviews require proper skills and knowledge for getting the desired job. Few people are good at giving interviews while some achieve success by doing much practice.

No doubt, anyone can crack interviews with much ease but with proper effort and dedication. The books listed above in this guide will surely be going to give you all the required skills needed to ace any interview. 

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