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27 Secrets to Ascend Traffic In Your Blog

Initially creating a website and penciling articles might seem easy but the main issue arises while increasing traffic in the website or blog to gain popularity in the respective domain. In accordance with the statistics charted out by Content Marketing Institute, around 61% of content developers toil hard to understand what their viewers actually wish to read, then 50% struggle to gauge the importance of audience while sketching a customer’s journey and another 49% lay deep in enigma to crack the code of chalking out the required steps in a customer’s odyssey of following a website. So you need to try and increase traffic in your blog.

Here are 27 prime methodologies by which a website can attract traffic:

Research well about the customer’s needs before writing the blog. To reach out to the correct potent buyer with the correct material, a blogger can depend on inbound marketing. Follow these steps:

Conduct in-depth research regarding the needs of the customers-

b) Keep a track of the searches of your customers- 

You can develop the “just needed” content by prioritizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

 c) Draft:

Chalk out a draft that includes all relevant answers to the most searched queries of the customers.

d) Publish it:

After checking the draft, publish the article on your website.

e) Keep sharing:

Finally to increase the traffic to your blog, share your website immensely on all social media platforms. In turn, the increment in the traffic to your website will also help in your ranking in the search engines.

Command over the content:

Divide the content into the Pillar model or Cluster model. For a strong traffic oriented blog, pillar content should contain detailed information about the topic and the offshoots of the topic can be included in the cluster content. Thus, when a reader reaches your site via the cluster model will easily view all your pages and traffic will increase.

Niches for advertisement (mainly paid):

Adding visual display advertisements or paid posts can help in earning traffic via click mechanism. Various advertising should be used on the wall.

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Share the website on social media platforms to increase reach

To reach out to a larger congregation, keep sharing your website on social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

Critical scrutiny of the content to ensure traffic in your blog:

Research on the topics that are required by your esteemed customers. Analyze your followers and create the correct content to trigger furthermore traffic.

Make way for enticing prizes through exciting engagements:

 To bring about a rise in the traffic via contests, follow these steps- choose a platform, decide a prize, select the criterion, carve out the advertisement, decorate the post and then promote it.

Cling on social media influencers to attract traffic in your blog:

Try to integrate with social media influencers like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to earn traffic via their links and their promoted contests.

Introduce email list:

Compel your readers to sign up for newsletters and emails to go through your content. The email list and such sign-ups will help in ascending traffic.

Engage customer community to retain traffic in your blog:

To create brand loyalty, you need to connect with your customers more humanely. So, create online communities to provide answers to your customers and increase traffic.

Post as guest writers in other blogs to attract traffic in your blog:

If you find another blogger with similar thoughts and if that website can benefit you then draft content and pitch it. Through such guest blogging also, views will increase.

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Introduce on page-SEO technique:

To attract heavy traffic try to use the various SEO elements in your content: header, footer, etc.

27 Secrets to Ascend Traffic In Your Blog
27 Secrets to Ascend Traffic In Your Blog

The backlinks are very helpful in making your content, popular. It helps to raise the ranking as well as increase referrals to increase traffic.

Channelize video marketing

To make your blog more enticing, you can introduce video marketing tactics like IGTV on Instagram or live videos on Facebook, etc.

Rewrite and reframe the old write-ups to gain back traffic in your blog

Always remember that older posts get more responses so re-bake your old content to generate traffic. Likewise, you can convert your most wanted video into an article.

Use the SEO tools for more traffic in your blog

Use SEO tools (like Google Analytics, Ahrefs etc.) to strategize your incoming traffic.

Develop means for historical optimization

This golden rule is most useful for a website which is many years old. Simply keep updating your old posts to attract more views.

Try to answer queries that are frequently asked to Alexa or Google home and try to build specific content (to the point answers).

Try out tools for local SEO (for non-digital platforms) to gain back traffic in your blog

Find out the needs of your local customers and provide address details to grow visible on local searches through Google My Business.

Create ways for A/B testing

Keep carrying out online reviews and campaigns to understand your customers. Accordingly, write well-fabricated articles.

Interlink your posts so that if a reader happens to read your one post, automatically he would be directed to your other posts as well. This will surely help to increase traffic in your blog.

Prior knowledge about technicalities of SEO

Learn about indexing, page speed to understand technical SEO to raise traffic.

Build up a customer community

Carve out a place for your customers only like in Quora, Facebook, etc. to elevate traffic input. You can form email groups for them as well.

Manipulate Customer offers

Use reports, checklists, and webinars to answer the customer-driven content to maneuver traffic. You can make yourself available via emails as well. You can fix schedules for the same.

Train your PR (Public Relations) marketing

Assemble your PR and marketing to generate high traffic.

Create easy sharing on social media

Use social sharing options on your blog to nudge the readers to share them online. You can attach Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter shares to elevate the views and likes.

Manage the website clicks

Via Click through Rate (CTR), you can easily track the clicks on your website and earn accordingly.

Try to develop academic-oriented content or question-answer regimes to heighten the traffic.

These are the most lucid and easy ways to generate traffic to your blog. Use them properly and judiciously. When the traffic will show a steady rise, you can also earn through these blogs.

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