Quick health bites for an active living

    Quick health bites for an active living
    Quick health bites for an active living

    Though we all are aware of the importance of our health and the practices that may bring it down, however we often fail to follow them in the regular flow of life. In the present marathon where everyone is controlled by the movement of the clock, there is hardly any residual time to devote to health. However in the long run, we will prove to be the sufferers. Thus it is very important to practise healthy practices since the very beginning so the results germinated hold a longer, unflawed span of life.

    In the activity-oriented life, the presence of quick healthy habits isvery much desirable. Thus since the very beginning of the day, one has to start up with healthy practices.

    Eating habits


    Breakfast– as the word implies breaking the fast. Thus it is of crucial importance to have a substantial amount of breakfast in the morning. It stimulates the digestive system and enables one to lead an acidity-free life. However one should never begin with fried foods during a breakfast as that may hold adverse effects on the digestive constitution. In the quick regime of present life, we often tend to skip our breakfast for missing the train, bus or being late for work. However a glass of juice and two pieces of breads won’t consume much of your time and you can initiate the day with a healthy start.

    Lunch and dinner– these are equally essential determinants of our healthy being. Lunch should be always taken at proper time and dinner should never be heavy. It’s difficult to stick to the clock and follow these suggestions. If you really run out of time, keep munching something at regular intervals so that your stomach never complains of starvation. In this way you can immensely contribute to your healthy constitution. Dinners should never be taken late as you need to give time to your body for digestion. Improper digestion and obese often takes place when dinner is immediately followed by sleep.

    Exercises-You may be distant apart from being fat, but still exercise should play an indispensable role in your daily activities. You may not have the time to walk into a gym or devote even half an hour for the purpose; however a ten minute exercise is equally helpful. It is all about giving your muscles the flexibility that will energize them and let you lead an energetic life.


    Walking– if you really cannot afford to devote time for a 10 minute exercise, switch over to walking while returning from work place. You may also engage in a walk after dinner too that will automatically result in better digestion and thus a better health.

    End the day with an early sleep allowing your body for sufficient relaxation.

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