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Are we ending the revolution of letter-writing…? (Updated)

Since ages letter writing has being an trend to communicate with people long distance. Due to the advancement in technology and increase in global warming have we come to and end to...

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10 Countries That Are Impossible To Invade

Ever since ancient times, man has fought ardently to establish his supremacy. Man is a highly competitive, extremely narcissistic, and dangerously territorial creature. The...

8 Successful Indian Family Businesses Running Over A Century

There are 64 multi-industry companies started in India by Indians and many companies that are generating huge revenues, giving employment. Some of these companies...

DRAUPADI & KARNA – The Forbidden Love ?

We know Mahabharata is one of the greatest scriptures of Hindu mythology but it is also the longest poem ever written containing about 100,000...


Uttarakhand's cuisine is similar to its people, uncomplicated yet phenomenal. There are 2 distinct regions in Uttarakhand - KUMAON and GARHWAL, both have conquered the...

Top 10 best cosmetic brands in India

Festivals and occasions always bring happiness along with the mood of shopping. Every outfit is numb without a perfect touch of makeup whether it's...