Bored of going to cinemas, theme parks, museums or the famous Mahabalipuram on weekends at Chennai? Here are some new ventures that are taking place in Chennai to entertain both the Inbound and native tourists. Bringing the utmost fun to the city for Adults, young kids, families, friends, these entertainment places are an absolute hangout spot for gamers, friends outing, office outing, with your loved ones, and even with your kith and kin.

  1. Arkenesis Gaming CentreA1

    For all the gamers out there, this place is a feast for their binge gaming sessions, founded by Harish Suri. It is located in Nungambakkam at Ispahani centre serving as a dreamland for playing all kind of games with a food court serving continental foods alongside, the price depends on an hourly basis. The place is filled with neon lighting separating the zones based on specifications of equipment – Zone Mega (low level), Zone Ultra (mid-level), and Zone Monster (high level), lined accordingly with the orange, blue and purple lights. Accommodating 200 people in its massive space with different types of gaming zones such as PlayStation consoles zone and a 64-PC gaming zone, the gaming centre also regularly screens important matches and hosts interesting cosplay events at times.

  1. Nassa Uth HubA2

    It is four-storey building located near the Elliot’s Beach which got a cool entertainment bringing futsal, food, gaming and snooker, all at one place for your weekend to be fun-filled. The giant building has eight different zones – arcade games, bumper cars, virtual reality zone, kids’ zone, snooker, bowling, rooftop futsal, fish pedicure, a selfie spot and a food court with an in-house popcorn station. To keep the entertainment hub livelier, the place is filled with multi-coloured LED lights, good music and a mind-expanding imagery to keep up the vibrant place.

  1. Freeing IndiaA3 1

    This is an ultimate gaming destination in Chennai and should be visited in groups to attain the extreme fun. This place brings a real escape game to India with Intelligent Challenge and a Real-Life exciting Experience. We will have to solve the riddles with hints that are hidden in the room with the limited time using all the logic and the creativity. They have brilliantly designed different themed rooms as The Lost Chamber, Mirror of Love, Nuclear, Live to Tell, Prison Chaos at Nungambakkam and a 4 more to release in the other franchise Besant Nagar which are Poseidon, Alice In Wonderland, Russia with Love and Ninja.The gaming destination is spread globally like Europe, America, China, Japan and Taiwan. Of course, every one of us wants to imitate like a role in movie stories like Sherlock Holmes investigating with clues given, this place is a dreamland to exhibit the talent within ourselves.

  1. Soap FootballA4

    This place is an arena for football lovers located at Nungambakkam, Chennai. Soap football is an innovative concept for youngsters who would like to enjoy playing in a slippery balloon field and reach the goal like football. This place has an amazing lighting at nights like a stadium to play football on the soapy floor for which they provide knee and elbow pads to refrain from the slippery field. The price range depends on hours and supposed to visit in groups like three on three or five on five. It is the best destination to play outdoor sports with friends, families, etc.

  1. Wild Tribe RanchA6

    This is the Chennai’s first adventure sports arena. It includes a variety of activities for all age and skill level. All the adventure enthusiasts will have a great fun with playing different heart-pounding and life-affirming activities like the mammoth ride which has multiple levels of hurdles to cross, the long-awaited Bungee Jumping, Mad riders as ATV, Dune Buggies, Paint Ball, Swimming Pool, Dodge & Jump, Bungee Run, Sumo, and Tribal Path. These new different activities take us to experience the daring wild tribe era and backed by best-in-class safety standard for families, groups and a small group of individuals in inculcating the team bondage, leadership skills and communication during teamwork at its best.  is the Chennai’s first & Holistic Adventure Sports and Outbound Training Area serves a thrilling experience to people located in ECR, Chennai.

  1. Choki Dhani A5

    This place ensures people to gain the vibrant spirit of Rajasthan experience in order by depicting the Indian rustic village that is located at sriperambadur in Chennai. They have paintings and the wall decorations like Rajasthan, and the evening performances in the fresh air, the enthusiastic service by the staffs with Rajasthan’s traditional costumes, etc.. The best part of this place is providing the signature food of the origin from open-air dining hall to royal cuisine with fun filling rides like Horse ride, Camel ride, Elephant ride, Bullock Cart ride and a Boat ride to enjoy. They also have fun zones like skill games, Jungle sair as adventure place and a Head massage to relieve stress. Performing the best of Rajasthan’s folk dances and offering many zones of live entertainment like a magic show, bird fortune teller and so on keeps the place livelier to visit again.

  1. Rock – ClimbingA7

    This place is an adventurous streak for people seeking for physical activity after work. Rock climbing is located in R.A Puram, started by Shyamsundar Manoharan and Sathya Narayanan Prakash. At the indoor arena, a natural rock faces with predominantly big holds for both hand and feet with 6 trainers to guide us through the climbing of 1,000 Sq. Ft. There are 50 to 60 routes to reach the top with thick floor mats provided on the ground to ensure safety. This place is a digest for fitness trainers to experience the physical activity of Rock Climbing. Holding as a different experience located in the indoor facility gives a major pleasure to pursue weekend healthy with fun.

  1. Trampoline ParkA8We all have gone through the phase during childhood where parents bounce us in the air to make us giggle. Here’s a new venture in Chennai at KNK road, the first exclusive Airborne Trampoline Park for all ages. Basically, one can jump and enjoy the trampoline experience to relieve stress, the place is adaptable for kids to adults. They have a Basket Ball arena alongside just to enjoy the experience of jumping higher enough to reach the goal and win the game. Creating an avenue for fun and fitness, it is a popular sport in countries abroad. The park is owned by Mohammed Wasif with 2500 Sq. Ft. space spread and colour bordered grey trampoline squares and triangles. Since it hardly requires any skill, this place is awesome to have fun with friends, families, your loved ones as it is physically engaging as well as a lot of entertainment to seek out.
  1. Laser TagA9

    This is a Battlefield all set for adults out there! Remember playing Hide-and-Seek during childhood? This place takes back to our childhood by leaving us with our friends on a battlefield with infrared guns, radio frequencies and a flood of lights as a hi-tech version of our favourite childhood game. It is a great option for live action and high tech adventure with the space of 2000 Sq. Ft. This place requires no skill except builds teamwork, leadership skills and communication with fellow mates, friends, coworkers, etc. The city has three different franchise in the arena such as Asgard Entertainment at Pondy Bazaar area, G Sector at Nungambakkam and Chaos Entertainment at Gopalapuram.

  1. BlurA10

    This place is one of the famous and finest gaming café in Chennai located in Royapettah. It has PlayStation, Xbox as in sensor gaming, Bowling, Arcade games, PC games, offering multi-format gaming zone. The gaming zone is a feast for all the gamers for non-stop gaming action with an amazing food alongside serving the best of foods to thrive in experiencing the entertainment. Comparatively affordable at low rates depending on an hourly basis, the gaming centre provides the best hangout spot for the weekend as the building also owns the city’s famous theatre Sathyam Cinemas.


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