• career
    Sarod Sundori, 2015

    The former winner of the crown of Sarod Sundori, 2015 Steffi Roy is here with us to share her struggle, passion and off course the secret of her confidence, talent and beauty. Taking her interview was a great experience for me. Let’s see, what is the secret that made her win the crown defeating 200 contestants. […]

  • Love
    Memories from love ‘we’ ended

    I was well acquainted with the fact that we were going to end someday; it would just evaporate like the dew gets absorbed by the heat of the sun.  The first time we talked, it was 9th   of March. On Facebook we added each other. Then I was just 18, and you needed not tell […]

  • Writing
    The Barbie and the Beast

    Greya had many dolls. Her favourite doll was a barbie, called Anna. Anna smelled of strawberries and she was perfect. Waves of golden hair flowed down her back. She could be Rapunzel, as far as she was concerned, she did  live in a house, kept hidden from the rest of the world. Greya  did not let […]

  • Love

    Their eyes first met in the class He was sitting before her she remember She rapidly fell for him when he took a glance She never knew when he took away the heart of her Slowly they became friends Feeding each other during breaks After that they had a gang Those four people could do […]

  • Festival
    SANSKRITI 2k16

    Sanskriti 2K16, presented by the Arts Faculty Student’s union, the annual function of Jadavpur University started on 26th April. City of Joy eagerly waits for this single event every year. More than 15 colleges in the city participated in on-stage and off-stage events. Back to back performances were tied for the days of Sanskriti along with […]

  • Fashion
    5 ways to fix a Bad Hair Day!

    Bad hair days are like bad moods and every girl will certainly agree. When you realize that today your hair is going to give you a lot of trouble and look like crap you go on and spent hours fixing your hair. But now it doesn’t have to be this same old way. Things will […]

  • social

    CHEWING GUM ROTTEN DEAD FISH Parts in turkey believes that chewing  gum at night rotten the dead body of fish. So it will really make you think twice before chewing a gum at night in turkey FRIDAY 13 CAN BRING ENDING Since the 19th century many people are avoiding works or any good starting on […]

  • Motivation
    Extreme tomboys will be boys

    Some people must have thought until now that a tomboy’s life is very happening , cool and they have all the freedom to live their life in their own way ! No, of course not ! If you ever had or have / met any tomboy ask them about the struggle they face every day. […]

  • Fashion
    Erika Linder VS Andrej Pejic
    Queer Fashion AKA Androgynous Fashion

     Most of us are aware of the fact that there are only two types of fashion. Namely, Men’s and Women’s. We are totally oblivious that there exists ‘Queer’ Fashion or in other words ‘Androgynous’ Fashion. Androgyny is when, there is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics which can also be referred to as ‘Gender […]

  • Writing
    The Sand And The Sun

    Have you ever been to Bikaner? Set amidst the deserts of Royal Rajasthan, yet not so royal is the land of Bikaner. Stretches of the clear blue sky, fields gushing by,  mountains overlooking the rugged countryside and very few people on the roads, it is not a very famous tourist spot. However, it cannot be missed! […]

  • Amazing world
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    Reasons why you have to visit Corsica .

    You must have heard the name of the place Corsica ?It lies in the French region. Well if you’re unaware of this place then please google it . It’s one of most astounding , magnificent , beautiful places of the earth. You must have been thinking why did I use so many adjectives to describe […]

  • Love

    She was different, faddish, nutty as a fruitcake, no one could stop her from having fun. Her mother and her friends were like a blessing to her. He was one of his own kind, he had a girlfriend was popular and a different person till he met her. And that day he fell for her. […]

  • Poetry
    Life the poem

    Life is very strange As time passes we change I feel I can improve more But it becomes difficult before I cant tell which way is right But I choose the one I like  While travelling that path I meet many pal Some decide to stay with me forever Some decide not to meet me […]