How Women Should Deal Mood Swings


The subsistence ratio of facing difficulties both internally and externally tend to be relatively high for a woman than a man. Women go through severe pain during periods and pregnancy. Assuming the aftermaths are better, the struggle during the course of time is exhausting. Women tend to undergo Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which includes depression, sickness, anxiety attacks, angry outbursts and many other mood alterations that are commonly known as mood swings. It happens due to certain hormone imbalances as estrogen increases and progesterone decreases in the body.

Dealing with Mood swings is a tedious job especially when women go through periods. Few possible pledges they take in order to keep themselves composed in manner. The following can help stabilize mood swings and improve a woman’s emotional health in the weeks before menstruation.

Staying Active

How Women Should Deal Mood Swings

Staying active keeps women mind fresh and happy which helps with bad mood swings. Physical activity can lift moods and improve depression by doing a routine exercise that also brings healthy lifestyle. The degree of isolation exponentially worsens mood, to avoid that, the mere act of talking to another person, of opening your mouth and letting words come out, can lift mood instantly.  

Healthy diet

How Women Should Deal Mood Swings

Limited meals are advisable as more than two or three meals may increase PMS symptoms. Eating in small quantity many times would help to run throughout the day without irritability or hunger craving. A very significant role to follow for lower pain intensity is consuming more of Calcium, Vitamin E supplements combined with the food. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sweets before the period may make a difference in mood as they increase anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, depressant, and blood sugar fluctuations.

Stress Management

How Women Should Deal Mood Swings

Knowing that PMS symptoms make women vulnerable during the course of time, it is obvious to realize they are strong enough to undergo stress highly inside them.  In such cases, meditating, yoga, and deep breathing helps to attain peace of mind and body that leads to managing stress better than usual. Individual or group therapy will also benefit them and it is found to be effective. Doing a favourite hobby also relieves stress like reading books, singing, dancing, etc. It is surely tedious to handle stress and pain simultaneously but what more can one think of rather finding one’s own way to attain peace and relieve it.

Happy EnvironmentHow Women Should Deal Mood Swings

Pursuing only positive vibes and ignore negative vibes from others is another dose of magic to look forward to optimism during periods. For instance, forcing oneself to be kind during this time rather than get irritable or tearful for pain and mood swings that directs to tantrums and depression towards people might cause guilty towards oneself for attempting it to them. To help from this could be possibly be achieved by finding a positive company like reminiscing memories with best friends and also by keeping only optimistic people nearby.

Sleep MoreHow Women Should Deal Mood Swings

Temporarily kick alarm clock to the curb and rack up those Z’s, curl up in the bed disregard of time or restrain disrupted from sleep cycle.  It’s been proven that women tend to sleep more than usual like getting a little messed up before and during our periods. A report from National Sleep Foundation says 30% of women reported lack of resting sleep while they’re menstruating. The to-do list can really wait a while as its okay to make healthy choices cranky and less likely of them.

There are many other small things that could really lighten up a woman’s mood when she undergoes severe pain or mood swings. It’s like seeing our own favourite person attempting to make us feel better through efforts. Fewer tips are, giving more love and attention, avoid giving negative comments, surprising with flowers and chocolates, not making feel unwanted and most importantly never take things personally when women going through mood swings as it has nothing to do with her but it’s because of hormones.


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