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5 Worth Watching Women Centric Shows

There have been plenty of women-centric shows with a great plot line, acting, and cinematography. Here is a pick of 5 such shows among many amazing ones to binge watch.

1)Jane the virgin

Jane is an aspiring author who gets accidentally inseminated and is pregnant with Rafael’s child a restaurant owner where she works part time. She is engaged to Michael during this time and has saved her virginity till marriage on the teaching of her grandmother Alba. Her grandmother is an immigrant from Mexico and had arrived Miami to be with her husband happily. But he has an early demise leaving her with a daughter Xiomara. Xiomara becomes pregnant with Jane during her teens and her father is famous actor Rogelio whom she never informs about Jane. The series is about how Jane survives every circumstance offered smartly and grows with time. Another strong female character in the series is Petra ex-wife of Rogelio who came from Russia along with her mother escaping from her goon lover. You can note down some real good life lessons while you laugh and get teary eyed with each episode.

2)2 Broke girls

5 Worth Watching Women Centric Shows

Caroline Channing is a spoilt rich daddy’s girl who is now penniless due to her father being caught for fraud. She ends up at Williamsburg Diner with a job as a waitress where she meets her co-waitress Max Black a witty, independent, strong women who lets her and her horse chestnut into her apartment. Both start a cupcake business with Max making tasty cupcakes and Caroline running the business. The series is about the setbacks they keep facing the men in their lives and their co-workers in the diner. 

3) Orange is the new black 

Piper Chapman is jailed for smuggling drugs and is sent to prison for 15 months. Her ex (due to which she is in this situation) is also a part of the parcel of troubles she is forced to face. It’s dark it’s crazy it’s worth binge watching if you like a bunch of women outsmarting and helping each other according to circumstances.

4)Jessica Jones

5 Worth Watching Women Centric Shows

It’s a marvel creation with a female superhero.A PI agent with incredible strength is on run from her past but has to fight it no matter what.

5)z the begging of everything

5 Worth Watching Women Centric Shows

Zelda Fitzgerald is the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald who is known for his novels and short stories especially for The Great Gatsby. Zelda is high-spirited, a great writer and does what she feels like and just like her dad says everyone has to pay for their actions she ends up having to face her decisions. 

Other recommended shows:

Big Little Lies, Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls, Veep, Crazy Ex-girlfriend.


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