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How To Prepare For CLAT- The Common Law Admissions Test.

You have all the time in the world, so why don't you get a start in the career you want? And for law, you need to start preparing for CLAT.

Complete Guidance On Conducting A Peer Review

Interested in writing a peer review? The basics require enough academic training. Some do not have the time, some do not have the budget....

Schitt’s Creek: Going Out At Its Peak With A Bang!

We have been watching them for six seasons now, and we have fallen in love with the show. And now we say goodbye to the Schitt's Creek family. Read more.

Art Of Doing Nothing – It’s The Actual Doing

How many of us let the calm and quiet skin in? the familiar ache saturating your forehead and the temples of your mind is...

Ramayan – What the epic teaches us

We all know about the great epic Ramayan. We have either seen this epic on Television or read this epic. Most of us know...

COVID-19 Contact Tracking App

A global pandemic like COVID-19 has hampered the sector of information technology, development among many others. However, even in the middle of a dire...

Freddy Krueger: Remembering Hollywood’s Best Horror Villain.

The 2000's was a revolutionary time or horror movies. And from this time we got the best horror villain Hollywood has to offer, Freddy Krueger. Read more.

Utilising Time Effectively to Study In The Quarantine.

With the Quarantine still on, we have an abundance of time. However, are we still using it effectively, and how can we? Read more to find out.

Corps D’elite Of Online Portfolio Websites

The importance of a professional online presence is more important than ever now. One way to increase the presence and visibility in the digital...

Ancient Warli art of Adivasis

The word warli is the symbol of a piece of land. Warli art is the form of historic art from the ancient period. The emergence of warli art...
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