Correct Body Posture = Correct Mood



    Correct Body posture is nothing but just keeping your body aligned. Good Posture is your back straight while standing, chin up , body forward. In total, everything and every part of your body is in a neutral position. Sometimes you don’t consider it to be as important but you even know that people are judging you and taking out signs from your body language. Your body posture reflects your body language.

    Remember Actions speak louder than words. If you really want to make a good impression, you need to understand that you need to work on your posture, your actions and your body language. Words play a key role but are secondary source of image formation. Your actions are the foremost thing that forms your first impression on someone. What you think, whatever goes around in your mind affects out your actions and thereby your posture.But are you aware that your body posture has a counter effect on your mood. Yes, this has been observed. People do feel different things in different positions and come up with a different conclusion.

    Don’t let your mind rule your body.
    Instead let your body rule the mind. Heal your body.

    Maintain the decorum of calmness and peace within you. This can help you in developing good thoughts and stay in good mood.
    Here are few postures that can help you develop good thoughts and keeping your mind cool.

    1. Sitting straight on  a chair can definitely help you. Sitting straight helps you remember the positive thoughts. It helps you to neglect the negative thoughts in your mind. It also keeps you healthy by keeping your back straight. However, sitting in a wrong manner forces your mind to think over wrong things.
    2. Stand up tall to fight the Depression. Stand straight. There should be no curves in your body.
      It gives both mind and body a feel of relaxation and also cheers you up. This posture keeps you away from developing depressive hormones in your body.
    3. When you’re in a correct pose, it has been observed that at that time you make out better decisions. You think   better, do it better. It helps your mind to think better and sometimes even think out of the box.
    4. Stay energetic.
      Whatever posture you chose, you should see one thing that you feel energetic in that pose. Don’t be lazy.
      Come up with pose that fills energy in you.
      For example: Skipping helps you to be energetic.
      Energetic means that your mind is at work and it helps you to make quick and good decisions.

      Remember a good posture can definitely help you change your destiny for the good.
      A good posture can blow up your mind and help you develop good thoughts.
      So, just keep performing good things by being in a good body posture.
      And, a correct body posture always helps you correct your mood.


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