Creating a Culture of Care: How Prioritizing Mental Health is Revolutionizing Indian Workplaces

Mental health and wellness in Indian workplaces have been largely ignored for years, but this is slowly changing. Employers are beginning to recognize the...

Yoga: Colleges, Scope, and Certifications to Pursue a Flexible Career

“There is no such thing as superhuman. Being human is in itself super”- Sadhguru. Yoga has been a natural healing agent for thousands of...

What is PMS? All you need to know about its symptoms, causes and more

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is often a result of physiological, emotional, and psychological changes experienced by the woman a week or two weeks prior to...

13 Incredible Benefits Of Walnuts

It is about some amazing benefits of walnuts. Walnuts are some of the important nuts available in the food market.

Ring Injuries An Automatic Hazard For Members Of The Military?

CW: War. The following information includes words or phrases that may cause a traumatic response for some readers. For decades, the Department of Defense has...

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